Time on Squadhelp


@lightless I agree that there were very talented creatives here in the past (NayNay was a beast. I actually exchanged messages with her when she quit. She told me that she decided to move on, but if she ever decides to return… beware all creatives). I think the amount of talented creatives here now is higher out of the overall number of participants (which I think is also higher due to the platform’s growth).

I don’t think I would be able to make serious money with contests these days with the current amount of creatives and level of talent despite the higher payouts than in the old days (man, we would have made so much money back then if there would have been so many $200 and $300 contests). After so many years doing this, my brain is fried from reading briefs and trying to cater to CHs needs. The best case scenario isn’t profitable enough to be worth my full attention. So thank God and SH for domains and the marketplace because that’s where the sky is truly the limit.


depends on how financially strapped I am, my level of burnout, and the contests themselves. I have spent entire mornings, days and sometimes on wins, 1/2 hour.


kind of puts the people questioning her to rest doesn’t it?


Hi Tristine 24,
I have a physical disability that limits the amount of time I can spend at the computer, which can be frustrating at times as I would love to be able to spend more time. But am so grateful for whatever time I do have as the winnings I recieve from here go towards medical treatments that I would not be able to afford otherwise. I have a saying that helps “Do your best and leave the rest”. Hope your having a good day :slight_smile:


I remember Nay-Nay, @lightless I wonder what happened to her/him? And you’re right, Nay-Nay was very formidable, like our littledino!


Naynay probably was on Squadhelp in between jobs or while she had plenty of free time. Went out while on top.

Since she hasn’t been back at all, I assume she is doing way better than when she was here financially and creative satisfaction-wise.


I totally get you, as for the last 2-3 years of my real estate career, I’ve been quite unhappy with my job and longing for something else. Without knowing anything about your commitments, I would dare to advice you to at least take small steps in that direction, when and if possible. I’ve personally decided to take that leap towards a freelance copywriter career(only few months back I realised that this is what I would like to do) and even if money at first will not be great(no prior experience, not so good English, so…), I’m definitely a happy man and there’s no way I could ever regret it. Regarding our needs and expenses, we can anyway reconsider and lower them when needed. In my case, I preffered to first take a long holiday that I used to test what could I do as a freelancer, just to be sure I would definitely like it and that I am not that far of the money I wish for too. I wish you to find the best solution for your case. All the best!


Thank you @raresfarcas for the inspiration. I will sure try to give more time towards my own thing until the financial condition allows me to punch my boss and quite the day job :slight_smile:


I spend an average of 3 hours a day on squadhelp.
Sometimes I work on naming projects in France.
But I think it’s hard to win. And I also have the problem of English language. I do not know the nuances of meaning. But I do not get discouraged because it has become a real passion.:heart_eyes:


There is work, but also talent! You are an incredible phenomenon. (That’s what we say in France when a person is gifted, it’s a compliment).:fu:


Yeah…I have seriously cut back the hours I spend here,as it is not as financially lucrative for me as it was…and my mind is in a different place since I lost my son. My thinking is not as clear, and my motivation for things are really compromised. I still try when I can…but alot of the drive has gone out of me. Whether it returns or not…hard to say. I have tried the marketplace but I never know what to price my domains at, and didn’t really come on SH to be a professional domainer,such as yourself. So trying to find my niche here again.


Made me smile to see you here. I know it’s not easy. Sending hugs your way


Thanks so much…how sweet of you. I am still only on here sporadically…but how nice to know I have friends here. God bless you and all others who have reached out to me. I appreciate it so much!


You are a very brave woman @hollygirl. Baby steps for now Holly, and in due time, that deep hurt and grieve will give way to beautiful memories. Huge virtual hugs and prayers coming your way. Continue to be strong :slight_smile: