Time on Squadhelp


Just curious… how many hours a week would you say you spend on Squadhelp?

Personally, I’m guessing around 10 hours/week - an hour spread throughout the day (5 or 10 minutes here and there) and an hour at night (after the kids are asleep and the house is picked up). Just curious about how long other people spend working at this!


Good question @tristine24
Honestly the time I spend is UN-loggable😒
Due to a disorder i have called idiopathic insominia- I spend endless hours on here (tho my stats doesn’t show it :wink::wink:) I bounce around from contests to messages to forum, to winners page and back agai​:grin::grin:


There’s been times I have spent 10 hours in a week, there’s been time when I’ve spent 40-60 hours a week. Generally though, it’s somewhere between that, for me. I’ll spend 2-5 hours just on the brainstorming for one contest, generally :persevere:. And I try to do at least a contest or three a day a few days a week when I am able to do so :exploding_head:. My own health and other such things keep from being as active as I would like sometimes. I always have the forum open in a tab, even if I’m not on the site, though and I peruse the testimonies and the recent wins occasionally as well. :+1:


…also alot if times I just browse and read the briefs. Some I think and think on, turns out alot of times me and a particular contest just don’t click. So therefore sparing ch’s alot of time and potential disappointment. Browsing does occupy my mind in hopes of finally drifting off to dream "of winning":grin::grin:


Probably about two hrs a day, spread out a few minutes here and there. Less on weekends when my kids are home. We are in the process of moving, so it’s hard right now.


You are doing Gr8!! I see you burning it up on the 3bar trending stats😀 I wish you more time to dedicate naming and much success/happy moving!


From the moment I wake up- until I go to bed- around 17 hours a day- 7 days a week.
From home, at the gym, on my phone… I’m in love.
So give or take 119 hours :wink:


No wonder You’re always on the winner’s page​:wink::wink:


For real? :open_mouth:


Yeah, I’m pretty much off on weekends too. Three little boys (9, 6, and 2) under foot and things to do! I hope to win enough on here to pay for Christmas every year (a few hundred each since they’re only little for such a short time) and maybe a few car payments/savings, if I can… It’s been great but I don’t want to shirk time with them in order to do/win more.


@tristine24 Mine are a little older (6,8,11,and12) but yeah, I try not to take away time with them for this. I’m sure you will be able to win enough for a great Christmas, your names are always very clever.:blush:


Thanks @Marye5 I am trying, just no luck actually winning anything in the last month or so.


Yes- When people ask me what my secret is, or tips on how to be better… it’s literally just time put in, time spent thinking, time spent tailoring entries, researching… example, a contest that runs 7 days? Sometimes, if I am committed, I spend 7 or more hours researching their field, keywords, ect… I now know too many coding terms, lawfirm terms, ect :wink:


Thanks, I often wondered how you connect to so many different contests, and if you went to marketing school or are psychic or what??:face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Anyway you are amazing. I wish you continued success, you definitely deserve it.


You are so freaking sweet…
I actually am an artist- I paint miniatures. I went to a college for a year and had to leave to do personal issues. I’ve been through a lot since then- finding squadhelp has changed my life. I feel like I finally have meaning… thank you as always :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Not sure that I leave here.
I think I live here,!
But there are days I do not enter any contests, just chatting it up in the forum lol


I have seen you miniature paintings and they are AMAZING! I am sure you make money from them too. Wish I could take that leap from 9 to 5 and do what I love :frowning: these freaking commitments though! :(:triumph:


And it shows @littodino !!!
As I have said already, your records are impressive and a true inspiration!! :slight_smile:


For me it’s probably around 10-15 minutes a day these days for contests. A few quick entries and that’s it. I spend more time submitting to the marketplace since it’s a nice passive income that helps cover renewals for my owned domains. There are too many great creatives here these days, my time is valuable and the money from domaining, despite occasional slumps, is overall so much higher than anything that can be earned slaving over contests- so it’s a no brainer at this point. Kudos and much respect to @littodino and anybody else who’s crushing it with contests though with so many talented creatives here at this point. When I made my big bucks here, the competition definitely wasn’t as fierce as it is today.


These days, I am very unmotivated to participate and try my best on Squadhelp due to various IRL reasons and I can’t even rattle off entries or gain traction with CHs like I used to be able to. Like you the marketplace has contributed more to my income than contest wins of late.

However I disagree on one point, the competition was always fierce though the prizes were much smaller. I would never want to compete with NayNay ever again(God bless whoever they were) or many others who are no longer active here like Rose, Lexisdomains and many others I forgot usernames of.