Time on Activity Feed


Is everyone’s activity feed showing the time that is waaayyy off, or is it just me?
My time is showing almost 4-1/2 hours into the future?

Wish it would show me winning lottery numbers in the future.


Mine just shows when I was last active…unless I’m looking in wrong spot. I have to agree with wish the future winning lottery numbers would pop up…lol


No the activity feed under your name. Where you see where the CH’s rated your entries. My entries are showing they were rated over 4 hours into the future.


Oh OK,imma check that…

Yes mines about and hour off.
It’s 8:57 here, but says 9: 23 on the last rating.


This was mine from about 7:30



Oh yeah…that is way off!

I don’t check that page often…too many oranges- not enough green apples;)if ya know what I mean:/


Yes, I am CST like you. Whacky huh?


Way whacky…I’m in Tn…I guess we are in same time zone…that stuff confuses me if I think about it to long…lol.


Is this happening to anyone else…I am still getting ratings into the future???
6:48 my time and says it was rated at 10:36 later on tonight??


It’s happening on my feed too. Weird.


@grant Can you guys fix the “time” issue on the activity feed.


By what principle do you want to correct the time? According to your time zone, specifically? … The Squadhelp is a global platform. We do not know where the servers are located and what time is used in their countries. For example, I live in Eastern Europe, that is, for several hours in the future in comparison with you: 0)


The time being shown previously was UTC, however we have made the adjustment to revert back to the Central timezone where our company is located. For any future activities, you will now see the time in Central timezone.


Yay, thanks @grant