Time for coin only submissions to marketplace?

I’m not sure you’ll all agree but hear me out.

I spent 13 hours this week reviewing domains submitted to the marketplace. That is almost 2 full working days! Other reviewers and SH must be in the same position.

Most of the submissions are bad, and I mean seriously bad. 12+ letters, 4+ syllables etc. I find myself fighting ‘reviewer fatigue’ trying not to miss the good ones. Weekends are particularly bad. It also pains me when I google a name submitted, see there are several other extensions taken and in use and is a sure fire name that will sell, then it doesn’t get approved. I’m sure this is because some reviewers have also hit their ‘reviewer fatigue’, haven’t googled it and don’t realize this.

I believe that many of these submissions are chancing their luck, they might as well submit because it’s free (with no coin). I also believe that many of these submissions are by non-SH-ers that will either sell their domains on the wholesale marketplace or drop/remove their domain in a year or two. Both of these options cause work and expense for SH.

Isn’t it time we went to submit with coin only? This will drastically reduce the number of bad domains submitted, reduce the workload for SH, reduce the expense for SH, reduce the chances of domains dropping from the marketplace in the future, encourage reviewers to look into why the name was submitted better and increase acceptance rate which in turn will encourage those submitting good names instead of demoralizing them and reduce review time.

Reducing review time is particularly important for those that want to buy dropping or auction domains as there is a short window on what is dropping or being auctioned. This alone encourages quality submissions instead of hand-reg submissions. SH should be aiming for a 24 hour or less review time to: 1. Create a buzz in this industry. 2. Make sure the best names go here, not to the first platform that reviews the name which is what is happening now.

Perhaps there could be some coin earning incentive within SH, so that true SH-ers get some benefits over the fly-by-night-luck-chancers too.


Able, with all due respect, I have to disagree with you. Only some creatives who have earned this right over many years of participating in contests can submit domains without coins. Most of the bad domains are offered by novice domainers. I still use your guide for domain approval, namely this.:

Names I’m less likely to accept:

Names with more than 10 letters.
Non-.com .
Two names of words in which the last letter of the first word coincides with the first letter of the second word.

Names I’m most likely to accept:

The keyword is a suffix. (Funny thing)
Alliterative names. (Nest in the hive)
Alliterative first letter. (Focusing on tipsitonics)
Mixtures. (Thriving Coward)
Writing one word. (Sharp blow)
A real word in any language (Mellivora Concavus)
Anagrams. (Ritzi)
Any name that instantly conjures up an image in your head (Voltstone Lunamoo)
Uplifting. (Lifting well)
Thoughtful combinations (for example, Vim and Viability - Vimality)
High search query non-.com extension (Deluxe ly)
Humor. (City boy with bulging eyes)
Short, visually stunning. (Lululu’s mom)
Any 4 letters (whether it sounds like a word or not, anagrams are popular, and all 4 letters are taken)
Any .com name where there is an existing large company using a different extension.

The problems you have indicated exist and require consideration, but not in the radical way you have proposed. I would be very happy to share the heavy burden of an expert with you, but I haven’t earned this right yet, despite the fact that I own several hundred domains.

  1. Squadhelp should Continue to allow for free submission from domainers/creatives with a certain number of accepted premium domains (maybe 30 minimum or more).

  2. For newer accounts, restrict submissions to use of coins till they have that minimum number of domains.


Re: poor quality of submissions - i think SH has given some very large account holders the ability to submit their entire portfolio (tens of thousands of names) for free, with all the benefits of a coin submission. this puts a huge burden on reviewers to sift through all the junk in these very large portfolios. [Update: SH informed me they do not give anyone free coin benefits – however, they do give substantial coin discounts with large numbers of submissions]

On a similar note, I find it strange that SH allows some of these very large portfolios to be private while forcing everyone else to have a public portfolio. [Update: this option has now been offered to everyone. Thank you for listening, SH]


I disagree totally. This action would completely favor domainers who have tons of free coins to spend, which is completely biased.

SH should use it’s great ability with technology instead to:

  1. Reject all names over 3 sylllables
  2. Reject all previously rejected names
  3. Reject names over a certain number of characters
  4. Evaluate the value of alternative domain extensions and reject many of these, except if they have huge marketing value as dictionary words.

THEN from there:
SH should use its vast technical ability to screen based on its ability to evaluate SALES on SH. SH has a TON of sales data and AI ability and could pre-screen names. SH should use the system to:

  1. Evaluate a sample of sales that tell reviewers what types of names sell on SH. Names that sell on SH do not necessarily meet YOUR criterion as outlined unless the data proves otherwise.
  2. Tell reviewers WHAT ACTUALLY SELLS ON SH. Which incudes may types of names you have ruled out in your decision-making process like.xyz names, plurals, which we can all clearly see have sold on SH often.

SH needs to do a:
!. Scientifically validated data sample of names based on MANY criterion: Age of the names, type of names, extension, key words, how many other domains are already registered, comparable sales. They already have this data and should employ it to make the best use if it before reviewers see names at all.

THEN, develop the system to reject all names that do not meet the selling criterion and continue to evolve that logic. THEN, leave the rest to reviewers to determine if they have appeal based on human reactions.

By limiting submissions only to those willing to pay coins, what you are asking is for favor for those who earn so many coins from doing reviews and earning those coins. This excludes many domainers and namers who have great ideas that are viable now and into the future 2-3 years from now.

There are MANY names that deserve attention because reviewers find them appealing to buyers. And the data SH has on sales should prove that. What sells on SH may not necessarily be the same as “domainer rules”… and honestly, I am surprised to see this post because tons of unregistered domains that have no other extensions registered actually sell on SH. Not only that, but other domain extensions are selling. Dictionary word .xyz domains appear to be selling well, for example.

SH has always given a chance to evolving domains that do not follow “domainer rules”. That should continue. And SH should do all of the weeding out for reviewers by ruling out things that absolutely do not sell on SH (or anywhere) automatically.

My recommendation is for SH to further develop its technology to weed out the horrible submissions to leave the remainder for reviewers who will follow SH’s recommendations for what sells on SH and use the remainder of their creativity to help “predict” what will sell in the future

I also suggest that SH to be careful about developing policies that favor reviewers who can rack up thousands of free submissions.


Are you sure? I’d like to hope that is true but with the amount of crud I’ve seen lately…

Totally agree with this if something similar is not in place.

I’m not sure this is true. I have to submit my names in the usual way and I’m a large account holder.

Do they force some to have a public portfolio? I see many smaller portfolio holders with a private status.

I have suggested that there could be some coin earning incentive so everyone has a chance at earning free coins. I’d like to even out the fairness of free coins to all members that take part in SH. Didn’t really expect a personal attack, was hoping for a discussion on how to improve the situation as the guys did above.

Totally agree with automating a method of weeding out the really bad names if it is possible! Even a pop up on submission “This name has more than 12 characters and is unlikely to be approved unless it is exceptional, are you sure you want to submit it?” type of thing would help. @grant

Hmm, again with an attack. :pensive: I totally agree that there are many domains that have no “domainer rules” as you put it that are great and will sell on SH. That is the purpose of SH as far as I am aware!

As I mentioned though, there are names submitted that have a much higher chance of selling and they are getting missed by reviewers simply because we are following “pretty brandable rules”. There should be some method to highlight these in the review process. If they are ugly, they should be 100% rejected but I’ve seen many that would not be out of place on SH market rejected (I’m not talking about my own names here, I’m talking about other peoples). This is lost money for SH.

I’m pointing out a method of increasing SH revenue. I am not suggesting SH only accept these names and ignore the purpose of the platform, to sell brandables.

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I’m not talking about the leaderboard here, I’m talking about the portfolio page.

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Oh, I didn’t realize, sorry. I didn’t even realize some were private!

I’m not sure exactly, Able. But I trust my intuition and logical apparatus. I believe that old-timers very rarely offer a bad domain. Those domainers who were creatives know what a potential customer needs. I will most likely support the BrandLanderr who explained where we got a bunch of bad domains from. I think it’s time for the SH team to give answers to some questions so that we can move on. For example, the answer to the question who exactly is allowed to send domains for approval without coins.

In addition, I strongly disagree with automating premium approval even one iota. There are a lot of beautiful two-syllable domains that are still free. If, for example, the second word is Solutions, which is often registered and sells well, then the domainer may no longer fit into 12 characters.

I support Phil, who proposed a limit on the number of domains in order to earn the right to offer them without coins. But I would limit this number to 20 domains (like, for example, getting a permanent Tier A status in the case of 20 wins)

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Disagreeing does not equal attacking. People disagree here all the time. I am stating my perspective on the pros and cons of your post.


I am pretty sure you can ask SH to make yours private, too. I think that is what others have done. I haven’t tried, though, so I don’t know if there is a denial process.

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Maybe SH could do a test on this and not rule out the idea completely. I agree there are a lot of 2-syllable domains available. Maybe the automation could put names in a holding pattern for SH to review to see if it is working to reduce the submissions up front that won’t make it through. I understand why you feel that way, though.

I was in a hurry with the answer and had in mind a domain of 2 words (not 2 syllables), one of which, for example, Solutions. In this case, the domain will have a length of more than 12 characters, but it will not become less attractive. But even if we abstract from the topic, I am generally against automation in those industries where creativity is present


oh, yes, that is very true!

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I appreciate the post based on helping me better know what NOT to submit. I honestly thought I had at least one or two really good ones I submitted based on looking at recently sold domains and what I see in the marketplace. Maybe that‘s not the best criteria? All I really got from guidelines was easy to say and spell. I then started looking for a brandable (which I took to mean made up one word jobbers), but the easy to spell thing is problematic there. I know its a low acceptance rate. I actually came on to see if submitting with coins gave me any advantage.