Tier A Creative


So, I know that there are few ways of getting to that level but should it really be avaiable for a people who are on site for a month or two and they have won only one contest?

Nowadays, I find quiet a lot of contests only for a Tier A which is super cool but on the other hand, is that why CH choose this option in order to see a bunch of entries from people who are simply unexperienced but somehow got they way into that level?


You can get answers to most of the current issues through the blue button. Just enter a key phrase, and you will be offered a maximum of information!


Yes, I know those criteria, as I’ve wrote about it in my message. Yes, I use blue button sometimes - sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. Just wanted to have a conversation here about those rules if they are actually good for every party in a long run.

And my proposition on how to become a Tier A would be something like this:

  1. Six or twelve months of 90% or above.
  2. 20 contests wins.

Two simple, clear rules.


I like the current system. But I generally would not be tied to the percentile. Someone works long and hard but has a low percentile. Someone working a little or absent on the platform has a high percentile. For me, it’s not the percentages and the desire to please the customer that matter, but the number of victories.


That’s why I’ve wrote 6 or 12 months because a lot of people can generate a lot of ideas and push their score, but it takes more than just time to keep the high level of entries for such a period of time.:slight_smile: