Thoughts on Basic Plus listings being available to submit by other creatives?


First off this is NOT something that is happening right now or rumored to be happening, perhaps not even a good idea :slight_smile: it’s simply a random thought in my head.

So I am curious what others thoughts would be on allowing other creatives to submit Basic Plus listings to contests? This would come at a lesser payout to the domain owner (since the award from the contest is deducted) and therefore would be an “opt-in” feature (in this pretend scenario). Under the right circumstances it could be a win-win-win-win situation ( a creative wins the project award, domain owner makes a little $, SH gets a bit of commission, client walks away with a name)

What triggered this thought :
I am unable to participate as often as I like, at least at this time but I do have a decent number of Basic Plus listings that I feel deserve and could find a home if they were offered to the right client. Since I am not currently able to participate at my usual level of activity, I just thought - it would be great if some of these names were actually able to be put to good use. I know this would not be something for everyone but regardless was interested in your thoughts!

I apologize if it’s already come up, I realize I have missed a LOT of announcements!


Unfortunately, this has not happened yet. Therefore, I support your proposal so that other creatives can offer our Basic Plus listings domains in contests.


Perhaps my idea is somewhat “unfinished”, but I would suggest as an option to provide an opportunity for the creators of logos, if they wish, to make this or that logo for the basic domains they like. In the case of the sale of a domain, the author of the logo would receive his share of the fee from this domain.


This makes sense for BPL domains visible on the market. To make the SH domain marketplace page look beautiful, consisting of only logos