This Post is now Withdrawn


This Post is now Withdrawn. For the record, no CH was referred to. Withdrawing anyway.


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Its nothing new and many people have reported such abuse by CH. But SH has failed to address this issue. Many creatives have already stopped submitting thier names for this reason.


Edited and removed, appreciate you guys💜


Thank you! It is unclear to me what to reply to initial post and what not to, so i have withdrawn my comment.


People, read policies and guidelines please, this is getting out of hand.


I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wish the forum was private.


The attached information is what applies to the forum and across the site. Learn it, Know it, Remember it, Remind of it, etc. Notice: it’s important to note that going against these measures will impact you and can lead to suspension and/or banning if SH determines that you have broken these policies. :

ALSO – It would not hurt to read THIS: Squadhelp Forum Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

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I agree @Commulinks


No reference to a CH was made.


Please reread this part carefully


You have just proven my point, people don’t read or understand the rules on SH. Not all of them, but small percentage is enough to make us all look bad. I am not accusing you of violating policy (which you are) I am just saying we should all respect the rules both in contests and in forum (which you are not)


In regards to the comment that you altered your post to. Just so you are informed for future situations. It doesn’t matter if you specify someone in general or not. Discussions about domain registrations being done by contest holders or as result of contests are not allowed.

Again., I linked all the specific threads and help topics that should point you to these things. Counteracting that your original post didn’t call a specific ch was not what was in question. This, however, is only to try to help you. That’s all anyone has been trying to do. So if you have any questions about the above linked articles or topics or wish things to better be defined or explained, let us know and we’ll try to help you :slight_smile:

Also remember that you can always contact the BB (blue button) about these issues too.

Hope all of this helps!


Blue Button certainly helps, very co-operative. I have too many good experiences with the Blue Button. Can’t discuss much because really unable to define a border between what to post/reply and what not to.