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That would work if contest briefs were perfectly organized and generic, if CH knew what he wants from the start etc. Every automation in creative industry is counterproductive. What’s next, name generators?


It won’t work. Like the “instant recommendations” button next to your entries option in a contest, the majority of the recommendations have nothing to do with the contest. It’s too hard especially since naming is so subjective.


Yeah I miss that feature even though there were misses I wish it jusy opened up to our past entries snd we could just hit a button

I am not looking to start an argument, but I must say I 100% disagree with you for several reasons. Marketlace exists independently from contests, anyone can browse names and purchase them. SH started and made it’s name as crowdsourcing naming platform, pushing marketplace ahead of primary purpose of SH - creative naming, would damage that reputation. Each contest requires time and research, each rating will push your thought process in different direction. It’s your choice if you want to spend your time on each contest or not. If your goal is selling marketplace domains, perfect, you are free to do that. Spend time advertising them instead doing contests. SH and all of us will benefit from that, same as you will benefit from SH popularity when trying to sell your domains. All in all, I hope entries will never be automatised in any way


Giving other Creatives permission to submit your marketplace names into contests is already a provided feature, it’s not automated but essentially very similar in effect. On a side note, calling the people who contribute here “creative bots” borders on demeaning. There are many talented namers who spend a great deal of time providing CHs with thoughtful entries.


I have no problem with a feature providing suggested marketplace names to submit. That would be parallel to the past entries suggestions that are already in place. In my experience though, submitting ideas based on key words can only take you so far. Often CHs really don’t know what they are looking for, which is where the creative process can fill in the gaps.