This goes out to those who's got the Nah's!

Nah nah nah nah nah…!

What’s your nah song?


This one pretty much sums up my stats for today ;D


Yeah…me too. I got crucified in a contest where the CH didn’t rate at all during the contest…but once it closed…gave me 11 nahs on my names.Ouch!!

So funny @Front the irony is that’s it’s called dyslexic heart - maybe Paul Westerberg is a member :thinking::joy::joy::joy:

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@hollygirl I just see these nahs as no ratings anyway, as the CH clicks on ‘not for me’ or whatever it says it’s just like getting rid of spam when reading your emails. I understand your angst and I felt the same for a while, when I get them now I think okay how can I improve and give the CH what the want and not what I think is best for them, some people like chicken nuggets and some filet mignon. As for closing time we all just have to eat what’s available. :relieved:


This is my fitting lyrical input

Think I’ll dedicate this to @hollygirl :kissing:

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Lol, I’m going to go with the “nah” part of Hey Jude :smile:


Never realized there were so many songs with “nah” lyrics! lol!

I understand that…and I am taking them more philosophically than before…but they still do affect you…even if you no longer lose points. :0)

@Demiurge Found this :smile:

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@hollygirl Ok here we go …,
@Demlurge, as announced in couple of other recent threads, we now include deleted entries when calculating the high rated percentage. In your case, the 78 figure includes the deleted entries, and therefore is used for the calculation of 19.2%

I really do hope this helps

Ok now I see where all this stems from, @Dan is the only one who can answe properly yet the way I read it ‘could technically’ is not a yes or no so this is a bit grey. The way I saw it was on a different part of the river than you.

@hollygirl as explained earlier, the high rated % is used to provide additional benefits to those contestants who tend to receive relatively higher ratings compared to other contestants. This calculation is exactly the same as before, and we plan to keep it this way going forward.

We can not change this metric based upon the timeframe when the CH provided the ratings (i.e. before or after the end of contest). We use the final rating scores from all contests and calculate this metric at an overall level for all users. So, yes, technically your score could go down if a CH downgrades the ratings. Similarly, it could go up if they upgrade the ratings.

@hollygirl I hope you understand that my intention was not to stress you but to put you at ease(I know I failed when I became your dear).
I noticed you have some good wins maybe SH should take those into consideration when working out %s @dan, I vote for positive change :+1::+1:

@front haha Steam!:dash: Feeling that :slight_smile: again ironic name love the humour :joy:

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Another legend to the “Nahs” list:

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@EliCreative I love this song, so many memories for me :slight_smile: I’m going to sing it every time I get a
HEY! nahnahnah


@front I’m still laughing about my post on the wrong thread
Here’s that chicken dinner again

Is that one of you guys?

Yup this is the one. :slight_smile:

And you can delete your own posts too, click on that dot dot dot button to reveal the trash can.

I think that’s the SH office @system

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