This contest is part of a bundle package for Name + Logo


I’m new and I don’t understand this. If I search for naming contests, I often see a contest request is for a bundle. I don’t see any lines to submit anything other than a name and url. If I search for the same contest using a logo or tagline qualifier, I don’t see the contest. How does this work? I may be passing on contests because I’m not interested in a bundle combo.


@NWAT It means they have a “package” to do more than one contest. Once the “Naming” contest ends, then a new contest will open so they can then get a tagline (or then get a logo) or perhaps both. But if you are confused all you have to do is hit the “submit entry” button and you can tell if it is for sure a naming or a tagline contest. Each contest for them will have their own separate contest page.


Thanks jackieheraty, I guess I haven’t seen any contests in the 2cd or 3rd stage.