This contest is being co-managed by Squadhelp Branding team


What does this mean exactly? Does SquadHelp rate entries or does the contest holder do that (or is it dependent on what you’ve agreed with each CH)?

Many thanks.


In a managed contest, the CH receives all the benefits of a Platinum level contest. In addition, a Squadhelp branding consultant works with the CH throughout the project.

We provide a Branding Consultation, and we assist with writing of the project brief. Once a contest is live, the Squadhelp team may support in the daily management of the contest through ratings, entry comments, and public message. The extent to which the Squadhelp team is engaged in the contest depends on each Contest Holder.

The overall direction of the contest, the shortlisting of entries, and the final selection of a winner is always directed by the CH.


Thank you very much @grant

@grant i would like to note that whoever does ratings internally to be careful what ratings are given, I had a contest where the internal helper rated all mine NTY, only to have the contest holder come back after the contest closed to bump up and shortlist one of my entries, My problem is i had no chance to work off that name and provide similar and better options due to the misleading ratingsi got


Me too. I was grateful I hadn’t deleted the NTY,as mine was elevated to a love it /shortlist too.


Me too. I had this happen 3 times. They said “Not a Good Fit”, then the CH re-rated as Love it and shortlisted.


How can you tell who gave the rating?

on mine specifically because the feedback on the nty had the raters icon next to it


Hmm…I guess I’ve never noticed. I’ll have to pay more attention :grin:

But I have a problam with it, If it is SHmanagedService so it should Atleast write comment for the Design.
When Contest is Co-Managed by SH and Still you Don’t Get the Feedback (Written). It feels something like Rude.
My Designs never commented in the SHMS contest. It is so frustrating, CH holder Already not providing any feedback and then Same with SHMC.

Its Double Trouble…


Hi All,

Managed Contests are quite complex. Because of the nature of the service, they are usually larger companies with multiple stakeholders.

In many cases the Contest Holder is highly engaged in the rating process. Also, we have daily engagement with the Contest Holder to keep the Contest Manager aligned with the Contest Holder. However, because these are multi-stakeholder projects, there will always be differing opinions.

Unfortunately, we do not provide written comments on every submission. However, it is our goal to rate at least 70% of entries in naming contest and 80% in logo contests.

The goal for a Manage Contest is to ensure a successful contest for our Contest Holder, and to ensure that our Creatives receive enough feedback during the crowd-storming process. We will continue to think of ways to make sure we are meeting these objectives.


Please do, great service for the clients, just asking that you be ultra sure io the ratings you give internally , 1, it could very easily look like favoritism one way or the other, 2 if you give a bad rating to a creative that the client would have liked you just effectively reduced the number of better name possibilities for the client

YIKES! - I’m still deleting my NTY ratings out of habit - Mostly, because I can’t stand to see so many “orange faces” staring back at me - It’s kinda demoralizing and depressing, ya know? :disappointed:

However, now that I’ve seen that the Clients sometimes return and upgrade them to LOVES, I’m gonna grit my teeth and leave them where they are. :grin:


Just to point out, it can go either way, I had a contest where the Squadhelp rater really liked an entry and even requested additional variations…but then the CH hated them all, lol.


YIKES! - That bites too, Daisy - Phooey! :anguished:


All of this makes me wonder how qualified these co-managers are.

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I do the same thing but am trying not to do it while a contest is still open. I’m still struggling though as I am like you… there is something discouraging to see orange faces. But it does make me wonder how many contest wins I may have potentially done myself out of. To tell you the truth,for a long time I refused to enter SH managed contests as frankly my feeling was how is someone who is not the CH going to know what the CH is going to like or not like?And like Seez said…if SH isn’t fond of an entry and they get removed by the creative…it may be a name the CH would have loved,and now a disservice was done to both the creative and the CH. So not sure how to remedy this.

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Oh,I should add that I am not trying to knock SH. It has to be a challenge to try to give fair ratings when you can’ t get in the CH’s mind. I know SH is constantly trying to find new and better ways to make contests work.


I never delete. Getting the nty rating in the first place is what bothers me lol. Plus I won a $500 contest on a nty once!! Also, I actually use them to help get a view of what’s working and not. Sometimes a CH likes one entry then gives a nty to one that’s very similar. Comparing the two with others rated helps to determine what worked and what didn’t…helps to pin point what they liked or didn’t like about it. Considering we can’t ask that very question it’s one of the only ways to get a handle on their preferences in regards to my entries.

Isn’t their an option where you can hide the lower rated entries? If SH would make that a permanent preference, wouldn’t it fix the problem??

Again…”seems” like an easy fix lol :wink:

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I personally really like the SH Managed contests and have no reason to question their help or judgment. I appreciate the feedback we get and they are great at keeping us coming back to the contests in a very positive way. I also appreciate the fact that SH knows what we are up against sometimes when it feels like we are trying to read someone’s mind. I don’t know if I have ever won a SH managed contest, I don’t pay attention to that.

I have had NTYs turn into love/shortlists recently as well. (I don’t recall if it was on a managed contest or not). It’s important to realize that a lot happens after the contest is closed. If a CH finds several names are not trademarkable, they go back and re-evaluate.

There are very few instances when I delete NTYs. You can’t follow up on domain registrations and mostly because I have won contests in every category, including a NTY.

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