Things Are Tough, lets do, I am grateful for…

I am grateful for a loved one surviving covid, that I was able to make decent money on my last gig and that my car is in good shape.


I am grateful for the “little extras” that my SH wins allow me to give to those less fortunate. :sparkling_heart:


What A Nice ThingTo Do.


Alwritey is a special gem, and we’re not sharing her with anyone!


I’m grateful for my family, a repaired relationship with my oldest son, a car that can make it through ice storms, friends, a home, SH winnings that come in and, of course, good health!


I am grateful that my kids and step kids, my step grandkids, my husband, my sibs and their kids (and their kids!) all survived COVID so far. I am extremely grateful that I have a whole new life in a whole new town and got a premium price for the house I sold. I am grateful to now live closer to my youngest. I am grateful for friends of mine who now live far away who drove down to see us - TWICE! I am super grateful to be much farther away from “the city”.


Maybe stupid but the first feeling of gratitude i felt was reading this thread, thank you all for that!


I really feel this right now.
Both parents losing their jobs being the tip of the iceberg…

I just found out I probably have covid… so I’m grateful for the Sudafed that is allowing me to stay awake right now. :joy:


The repaired relationship really made me smile- that sort of strain can be such a heartbreaker :two_hearts:


Take good care and rest hon. Make sure your body is getting what it needs. Its going to be ok.


I need to do this because I am far from a happy camper right now. I‘m one of those people that needs to get off social media because it just reminds me of how I screwed up life and what I don‘t have. The other day what made me happy, there is a dying tree at boyfriends mothers house. I read I could maybe stick cardboard in it to help it heal, so I did, I hugged that tree for a long time, heart right up in it and literally talked to it, sorry you are not feeling well, I know how that feels. Thanked it. I SWEAR, we bonded. We had a stray cat, built it a shelter from the cold. Only peaceful joyous moments I have had. Im grateful for that tree friend, Grateful for that stray cat.
I cannot change them, I cannot get through, the ONLY thing I can do is change what I can and ooooh I HATE THAT PRAYER.
The last time my life was a chaotic disaster, and I was miserable where I was at, the ONLY thing that got me out of it, and the depression, was HAITI had earth quake. I packed and gave everything I had and it felt GOOD. When its all wrong, find something simple, and give.


@littodino you are one very tough and resilient soldier. I have seen your IG and followed some stuff you’ve talked about here. I thank God for your life and good health. Hang in there. Better still, thrive. Sending you much love from Kenya


@Slogana @soni you have no idea how much I love you guys. Like sincerely.

@Slogana - that. Literally all of that. I sometimes feel like I’m the only one that just fizzles in the light of social media- for all the reasons you mentioned. Feeling like I’ve fallen behind in life, I’m not good enough, everyone else is so far ahead- but just stopping and realizing how small I am on this planet can be so humbling. Why not focus on making the lives of those around me better- rather than worrying about what is out of reach? Idk you made me just reality check- thank you. :two_hearts:

@Soni you know you have love being sent your way from Arizona. You know that means the world to me. I’ve sort of fallen off of Instagram because of a small relapse. I’m hoping come January I am able to get back on the boat. I haven’t posted because I’m not looking so well- so all of your words are a kick in the butt and a reminder that sometimes your biggest supports are from those who you have from far away :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


@littodino You are the star of Squadhelp. So no need to feel that you have fallen behind! A lot of us would like to have your success.

Best wishes to you all from France. :slight_smile:


Life can be very brutal at times (as you well know), Litto. I pray that God will lift you up and give you comfort in these difficult situations with job losses, health and other things that you are suffering from!


Thank you @littodino. My son has had a very hard life (he got into drugs early on) and made other bad choices. There was a lot of conflict between us. He stopped talking to me when he was 18 (he’s now 44). It’s been one of the greatest miracles I’ve ever witnessed. So never give up or stop praying for repaired family relationships!


I am grateful to have survived the dreaded Delta Covid in April 2021. At the age of 35, I desperately needed oxygen support and my wife was shaken and broken and family cried as the hospitals were full with no bed available, I felt this was my end gasping for breath. Nothing pained me more than the worried look on my 5 year old daughters face as she video-called me, i needed to live to see her happy. I prayed and surrendered myself to fate. Like a miracle things took turn in a positive direction. I got an oxygen bed and for 6 days was treated with heavy medications. Cant tell you the mental trauma seeing people die in front of me, lifeless wrapped in plastic, nobody to cry, as if existence didn’t matter anymore. Managed to survive but suffered for 6 months with something called as post-covid and ptsd. To end the year, last week again in hospital for 4 days due to Norovirus. Although physically and financially struggling, I am still grateful to have been alive towards the end of 2021. I wish and pray that 2022 brings a lot of happiness and prosperity to all of you.


@Navap wishing you a rapid recovery and good health, happiness and prosperity for you and your family and friends.


I am so sorry you went through that and for the resulting trauma. I just wanted you to know that it gets better. Wishing you the best.


May God Bless you and your family this Xmas, and may you make a full recovery !! Keep Safe, we our not out of the Woods yet. Wishing you and your family lots of love and good wishes this festive period.