These two contests still Pending after two years, why?!

Two years ago (Feb 2022) I entered a contest ($1500 value), which obviously attracted a high number of entries.Two years later, this contest is still pending! There are no updates on the contest message page, in spite of this being co-managed by the SH team. There are multiple Domain Registration reports by now, and there would be a lot more if the cut-off for these reports wasn’t just 30 days. There is also another contest from March 2022 ($500), same situation. Still Pending, lots of Domain Registration reports and no updates on the contest message page. Again, this one is being co-managed by the SH team. Could Grant @grant or someone from one of these SH teams please let us know what is going on with these two contests? I have not posted the contest IDs but feel sure SH knows the ones I’m referring to. I feel that this is only respectful to the many creatives who have put effort into these two contests only to be left dangling.