The Ratings Given By CH


I don’t know how many people might have gone through this, but, I have seen a CH giving a "love it"rating, then “a shortlist”, then back to “like it” rating, then back to “no thank you”, and finally back to "love it rating":blush:… All in a matter of minutes or couple of hours… Are they actually confused or not able to make decision wisely

I guess there is more than one person, maybe 4 or 5, reviewing the same Contest, other than CH. So, when one guy loves the name that we have offered, another guy might have been the exact opposite…

So,wouldn’t it be great if there was a reminder for the CH which states “once you give a rating, it cannot be undone” or something of this stature… wouldn’t that be nice???

So, in this case the CH would think for a moment, take time, and consult with the rest of his colleagues before giving a rating for the creative.Or better still, even if he is not consulting with others, he would be obliged to give a prompt rating…

So, a fixed rating by the CH,guess it could be helpful in some way…???

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Ratings are a way for contest holders to organize their preferences.

Forcing a CH to commit to a first rating is not helpful to the CH, who has the right to change an opinion

It might not be as convenient for creatives, but keep in mind that the CH is trying to find the best choice for their business and the interface should be committed to facilitating that.


We couldn’t have a fixed rating. Sure, it may seem like a good idea from our perspective, until you think about the ratings that go from no thank you to love and shortlist. Would you want a fixed rating in that case? Of course you wouldn’t. You only want a fixed rating right now because you’re seeing it from a negative perspective. There are many of us that can attest that it can go the other way as well. I’ve had it happen several times, actually. I’ve even won a contest with a submission that had an otrt, then a nty, then a love, then it went to like and then went to love and shortlist all in the matter of days. I remember this one BECAUSE of all the changes and how it had me on the edge of my seat for the entire contest.

As BrandLander has pointed out, the system of ratings is what it is to help the CHs be able to use ratings as a way to categorize things and make up their minds as the contest goes along and evolves. Thoughts and opinions can evolve over time with the more submissions that come in, ideas that are submitted, ideas from SH (if they have help), ideas from partners, etc. Many things can change the dynamics of the contest and how a CH is feeling about entries. Allowing the ratings to be changed can have drawbacks, sure, but it can have advantages too. The site is not built for ‘what’s best for creatives’ but SH does try to make things as fair as they can. However, you have to keep in mind that these are not just ladeeda contests. There is a point to their existence. We are trying to help individuals and businesses to brand themselves and make something of themselves professionally. This means that they should be able to decide and change their minds as much as is needed so they can hopefully finally find something that will be the best fitting for them and their businesses.

Just keep in mind that while there are sometimes downsides to ratings being changed, there can be positives too. In the end, though, only one person is ultimately going to win. Other ideas may be given bonuses for possible use as well. However, in most cases only one entry out of hundreds or thousands is going to be chosen. Any way that can make this process easier for the CH (the ultimate client), is going to be used. Ratings help to categorize what the CH sees as having potential and helping give creatives ideas on what’s working at that time and what is not. Sure, this can change, but you just have to roll with it and hope for the best!

Also, I want to point out too that just because a rating changes a lot does not mean that there is more than one person behind the contest. That doesn’t mean there isn’t either. But, opinions can change as more and more entries come in and the descriptions that are provided that may help to shape those opinions. And there’s other reasons too. I wouldn’t worry about it, though. Just try to use the ratings and any feedback as a way to keep submitting more ideas.


I won a contest with a “No Thank You” rating in a contest that had loves and likes.
You never know what happens until the contest has closed and a winner is chosen.


Appreciate your comments guys…

I am really not worried about receiving a 'No Thank You" you know, because what we feel as a good name a CH may not feel the same. And I do realize that. And I do not ask CH for ratings. If they feel like giving it, I am happy for that. And I move with my contests.

There was one instance where, okay, I guess this happened for a contest 1-1/2 months back. Yeah, more than one month back for sure…I provided 3 entries (2 from my perspective and 1 being Premium). The Premium domain was a straight 'No Thank You" (Well, not my premium domain of course). That happened pretty quick

But the other two was still 'Seen", probably under consideration. Now, when I checked “My Activity Feed” 7 days back, I realized that CH has given a “No Thank You” for one among the 2 remaining entries.

Was surprised to see a “No Thank You” after a long time. Now, there is still one pending that is still not rated. Now, I know CH may rate it, may not rate it. Its entirely up to the CH

But I am always happy to receive a “No Thank You” when its a well-thought out “No Thank You”. Probably, such situations doesn’t happen always I guess:)


As a contestant, I think it should be mandatory for a contest holder to rate all entries. The entry should be rated before the CH can move on to the next step. I have submitted many entries into contests and have received ZERO ratings. This is one of the reasons why I stopped submitting to contests and started selling domains on ■■■■■■■■■■■. When I quit competing in contests I had won 8 contests already but it’s too much hard work and very annoying when I can’t even get a ‘no thank you’. Another reason why I quit is that some of my entries were registered always by someone who has full privacy and SH could never do anything about it.

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I disagree … the rating system is mainly there to help with the process. But just as many tools, information, and ability offered on SH to CHs, it does not have to be used, does not have to be done at a certain rate, etc. It is a tool only meant to help the CH. If the CH feels they can make a decision without rating all entries in a contest, then that is what is important. They have succeeded in what SH is there for … to help them find a name/logo/tagline/etc.

As long as they are able to get what they want/need and a creative gets rewarded for it, then SH has done it’s proclaimed job. May be an unpopular opinion, but how I see it. Sh is benefitting, a creative or creatives are benefitting, and the CH is benefitting. Seems to me like that’s at least a working system at it’s core, when it does work out in intended case scenario.