The pricing of Domains

I am a proud owner of 3 Premium Domains on Marketplace. It’s my first ones. I have been ,lost, frustrated, I want to do everything that is required and recommended. Now,I’ve read , I need to change prices of domains?? I have no clue as to what to change them to. SH put original price, I assumed they would make changes. I accept any price that
SH recommends. One more question, What does the flame symbol mean next to domain?


The flame means absolutely nothing. I have checked, 8 ways to Sunday. The flames do not correspond to any measurement that I believe is valuable: views, shortlists are what I think are valuable and flames to do NOT correlate to either.

So you know, I keep track daily. This is not something I “surmise” from nothing, I keep track of shortlists every day. I keep track of views on names that have zero shortlists. I have “flames” on names that have have zero interest for over a month. And no flames on names that are the most popular.

SH data is useless. Even the data I collect is useless!!!


Honestly I wish data mattered.
I am beyond frustrated with SH because data never matters. We have zero way of knowing what names are popular on SH. After watching literally every day for years now…no data from SH has ever mattered.


It’s a stab in the dark really but here are a few pointers.

If it’s a handregged name (which I’m presuming it is) then you want to price it between $1,200 - $3,000.

Things to consider when deciding your price…

How many industries does your name appeal to? The more industries, the higher the price.
Example: TubbyToad could be a restaurant, a beer, a marketing company, an agency etc (higher). CandleGlow could be a candle company and not much else (lower).

It is a popular “expensive” industry? Finance, Legal, Software, Tech etc are all higher priced industries. Dog walking, mom and pop businesses are all lower priced industries.

You should also search SH marketplace for your domain keywords, what are other similar names priced at? If your name is better, price it higher, if not, price it lower.

Search Google! Are there businesses with the same name on a different extension? (higher).

Check for your keywords on sales made anywhere except GoDaddy, Namejet, Dynadot and Dropcatch. These 4 are usually domainers selling to domainers. Everywhere else is usually to an end user so it will give you a good indication on what your domain is worth.

There are some outliers to these tips… if there is a new upcoming technology and you’ve been quick to register a fantastic new keyword etc, but on the whole the guide above will help you.

Hope that helps a little.


FYI I was just informed by fb help. The flame/fire icon means the Domain is one of the Highest Popular name in Marketplace. I asked where this was found? In case, I missed reading something I didn’t get a response back.

Supposedly. See my post above. The flame does not mean that. Not by any reasonable measure. It never has.


I want to be able to seriously slash the price on the one domain I have for sale here. It’s a great name but at the price that SH has it at it will NEVER sell. EVER. We are living in a time where there has been and still ongoing pandemic. Inflation due to cost and demand equation is at an all time high. Home prices are soaring while salaries are not. My one domain name is NOT going to sell. I would love to pop a $500 on it and let it go. Why can’t we do that??


You can ask SH to review the price on it. It is rare they would lower a price that much but you can ask. I think you use the “review” button.

Unfortunately, nothing I ever submit for “review” ever receives an answer. So I don’t even know why I told you that. Maybe use the BB instead.


It would ruin the integrity of the marketplace as a whole. I think the minimum price is now ?$1,799?. I know you only want to drop the price on one domain but imagine someone with 100+ names and they did it? It would turn into a how low can you go marketplace until all domains were priced at $xx and it’s no longer viable.

I think all brandable marketplaces have a minimum now in the x,xxx range.

You could sell it on the wholesale marketplace if you just want to get rid of it.


Able, I understand your point but in this case I think SH would not be hurt in any way. They have a huge platform that could easily sustain some lower priced domains. And honestly, it would save them money in the long run instead of renewing the domain every year they can make a quick sale and move on.

Renee, I honestly have not asked that question basically for the reason you just stated,lol I might try the BB one of these days. Ty :sunflower: