The opportunity for a customer to hide his previous contests

Dear administration! I want to say that the opportunity for a customer to hide his previous contests from creatives is completely unfair. Ok, I understand that we cannot add this or that customer to our, roughly speaking, “black list”, since there is a high probability that when a new tender is published, this customer will receive a minimum of options. But I believe that I have the right to at least view the customer’s statistics for his previous contests. So, quite recently, a new competition was opened, and in the customer’s portfolio there were about ten (now I will not look for this information) competitions previously organized by him. And here’s what I found out: all these contests (with the exception of one where the guaranteed competition was eventually canceled (!!!) were abandoned. This information was enough for me not to offer my ideas to this customer’s new competition. Please, start appreciating not only customers, but also creatives, and at least exclude the possibility for customers to hide information about previous contests from the eyes of creatives! After all, there must be at least some responsibility of the customer for the dismissive attitude towards those who work for him! Thank you for your attention …


@Kasinky Thanks for bringing this up! I BB-ed this recently when I found out that I had no more access to info on CH’s past contests. I’m 100% with you on this, since I also think it’s unfair for creatives (at least).


Why would SH do such a thing??? Wow, I relied on that information a lot to determine if I would participate in a contest. If a CH abandons so many contests, then all of those were a waste of valuable time and IDEAS.


I could not agree more, the only reason for hiding this info is to be able to continue mistreating there contests and for SH to receive the pay for them listing contest that we with good intensions participate in!


I earnestly ask the SH team to value us, creatives.
We are not consumable.
We are loyal soldiers of the Squadhelp!
We serve honestly. We give beautiful names to customers and bring profit to the SH.
Hopefully this feature will be removed. It runs counter to the honesty and openness of our platform.


There hasn’t been any planned update to this feature. If you are not able to see certain details in a contest, please make sure to report the specific contest via blue button so our engineering team can look at it and correct any issue


@grant It is technically not the new contest that is the issue, it is looking at a new contest and seeing that a CH has held 5 contests prior, then by clicking on the CH name you go to see past contests and you have no access to the CH’s past info. It shows nothing in their past contests tab – even though the new contest lists that they have had several previous contests.


Thanks for the clarification. I just looked at one active contest, and was able to see all the past contests for that contest holder by going to their past contests tab.

To reiterate, there hasn’t been any planned change in this feature, and the CHs do not have the ability to remove their past contests from their list.

In order to troubleshoot and resolve these types of issues efficiently, we would request you to share the specific contest link or the contest holder profile link via blue button where you are not able to see their past contests. Please also include which browser/ device you are using to access the contest page.

It is certainly possible that the page may not be loading properly in some situations and our engineering team should be able to fix the issue if some specific examples can be shared.

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@grant you can most often see the past contest but the point is that you cant see your entries and therefore not see the ones that has been registered, again Why?

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I would like to reiterate my previous request. In order for our engineering team to understand and fix the specific issue, we would need an exact example of a contest or contest holder page and the exact issue you are experiencing.

The original post implied that a certain contest holder’s past contest information is not visible. If that is the case, please share that contest URL via blue button so our team can look into it and help. We have a 24x7 support team, and they can route any reported issues to the appropriate team members. Of course you can also use the forum to share feedback and feature suggestions, however if there are specific issues being faced the most efficient way to resolve them would be to share an exact example via blue button.

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Next time i come across one of these examples i will blue button it! Thanks!

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This has actually been a thing for a while. I’ve found numerous profiles with the contest tab hidden.


Thanks for the answer, Grant! The fact is that it was more than once, and therefore I decided that there was some kind of special function so that the customer could hide their previous contests. Now I know this is just a technical issue, I will ask to the Blue Button for help.


In order not to be unfounded, I found this customer and looked through his statistics. Yes, today he has 13 contests. One of them is now at the stage of choosing a winner, one is canceled (however, this competition was without a guaranteed fee; apparently, I got it wrong and took information from another page), and the other 11 are abandoned. I’m almost sure that the last competition will also be abandoned. I do not give any names, but if the administration is interested, it will easily recognize the customer from the information I have provided. Yes, I believe that this issue requires, finally, radical action on the part of the team. There must be some kind of rule for such customers. It turns out that the customer found an opportunity to cancel the competition and get back the reserved funds, but at the same time openly ignores all creatives, absolutely not bothering to choose a winner. For some reason, he has no time and desire for such actions. I believe that this is disrespect not only for creatives, but, first of all, for the Squadhelp.


Bravo! It’s time to resolve this issue once and for all! Some CHs behave dishonestly - they open contests, receive our entries, and then unceremoniously leave, not caring about choosing a winner. I have long proposed a scheme in which to take from the customer >$200 more and return it to him when choosing a winner. It will be a good incentive for CH… Unfortunately, my words were not heard and taken into account


Yes, I also have times when I did not have access to my options to check if my domains were registered … I thought this was also a special feature that allows the customer to hide such information from creatives.


Another comment about hoping that SH will show the same respect to creatives as it does to Contest Holders… I submit that a CH who leaves a contest for 6 months, with over 100 Shortlisted names, should be held accountable at some point during this time and not just allowed to re-open the contest without any comment or explanation…


Before responding to the specific messages, I would first like to remind everyone of our Forum posting policy. Discussing a specific contest holder or contest is not allowed in our forum. Some of the posts have gone as far as calling such customers “dishonest” simply because they did not select a winner (even though they paid the full award amount as per our policies). While we appreciate the spirit of the discussion, we can not allow an open forum where specific customers are being discussed in this fashion.

Regarding abandoned contests, our policy requires that a contest award be distributed to creatives even if a winner is not chosen in a guaranteed contest. Therefore, a CH is not violating our policy if they did not find a suitable name from the contest, as long as their contest award is still being distributed. In fact, in many such cases, if the customer is unhappy, SH refunds their payment while still ensuring that the creatives are paid out the award amount for the contest.

The abandoned contests are not a good outcome for anyone - for creatives, for CH and for SH. However just like any brainstorming activity, it is entirely possible that some contests may not lead to the outcome the CH was expecting, in which case the funds are distributed as per our Award distribution process. Unless there is a violation of our policy, we do not block a CH from launching additional contests in those cases.

Of course, we understand that many creatives may not wish to participate in contests if the CH had not picked a winner for their past contests. Therefore, we share as much data as possible so that each creative can make their own decision whether a specific contest is worthy of their participation. For any contest, you can see:

  1. The rating pattern for their current and past contests

  2. The previous contests a CH has launched

  3. The outcome of previous contests (i.e. if they were abandoned, or cancelled etc)

  4. Comments posted by the contest holder

  5. Reported domain registrations in their current and past contests

  6. Country and last activity date of the contest holder

  7. Overall participation score of the contest holder

Some people reported in this thread that they are not able to view this information. However I checked again, and we still have not received any recent reports or examples where such information is not accessible. Our team is on standby to correct any issues, if this information is not visible to some creatives.

We have these metrics in place because we respect our creative community as much as we respect our customers. Each creative has their own criteria regarding which contests they would like to participate in. Some creatives are comfortable participating in not guaranteed contests, while many are not. Similarly, several creatives are comfortable participating in contests even if some of the previous contests were abandoned because they know an award will still be distributed. At the end of the day, it is entirely your decision to choose which contests are worthy of your time, based upon the information available regarding the contest as well as the previous contests launched by the CH.

We will continue to look for additional ways of sharing more data, as well as additional platform features that can help minimize contests which do not result in a winner selection.

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Just wanted to comment about blocking CHs that violate policy - I’d really like to see that happen. SH allowed a CH that admitted to registering one of my submitted names to open several contests after that. CH never gave me the bonus, nor did he transfer the domain. It was a while ago and I contacted SH several times about this, it’s not the matter of bonus, it is a matter of respecting each other and having rules that are not there just for creatives, but for CHs as well.


@Avram Is this a recent issue? Do you mind sending the details privately via blue button one more time so we can look into what happened.

We now follow a standard operating procedure for these situations. If a confirmed CH violation is brought to our attention, our immediate course of action is to pause their current contest until the violation is addressed. If this did not happen in your situation and the issue is fairly recent (i.e. less than few months ago), please share the details and we will look into any training opportunities within our team.

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