The number of contests has decreased significantly

For the past few weeks, I have noticed that the number of contests has continued to decrease.
Instead of 3 new contests per day, I have access to 3 contests per week.
Do you know why? THANKS.


Possibly because AI is so good that people don’t need help thinking of ideas.


If it is for this reason, it is sad for us! :sleepy:


It could be possible but I doubt. The names generated by AI and the names crafted through creative description are not the same. Maybe reaching out more to potential clients can also be a strategy (like broader marketing) but it is not that easy to maintain.

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I’m still surprised by the speed of the “decline”.

I would like to know if everyone has the same problem. Or if the creatives are ranked by artificial intelligence, according to their results by category: it may be a solution to limit the number of proposals and clear up the contests? :smirk: :upside_down_face:

I have also noticed the shrinking numbers of contests. I could usually count on looking at numbers of available contests in the double digits, it’s now under 10 almost every time. Even opening up the filters to look at non-guaranteed and $100 contests, the overall returned results are way less than they used to be.


I don’t think artificial intelligence can replace people’s creativity. At least, I hope so! Especially since once the name has been found, you have to make sure that the name is available. There is legislative work.


This is what I think… and I hardly participate in contests anymore.
The human touch and listening much more valuable than any robot. Sure a robot can produce some interesting results. I have been using ChatGPT to come up with new ideas on how someone could use my domains, for example.

Here’s what a robot can’t do: Read between the lines, Connect with the passions of a human.

What that means to SH creatives is still an unknown. But my guess is that having compassion, empathy, human “read between the lines” sensibilities, is going to become a valuable commodity in the AI world. While there may be fewer businesses looking for the more personal touch of an actual human, those entreperneurs will have already exhausted the easy “AI” tries before coming here.


SH needs to increase prices and awards on contests SIGNIFICANTLY = NOW. This is the time where human brains are worth more.

But SH ALSO needs to do a ton of weeding of the creative community here. Sorry, but it is true. ONLY humans should be allowed in contests. With human “read between the lines” sensibilities. With human caring for a person who is starting a business with their last $1000.

And the SH community and Contest Holders need to weed ITSELF out.

As we all know, people have told the world on Youtube that you can make money on Squadhelp in ways that aren’t even viable.

Talent is everything. Human understanding is a premium now against AI. SH should get super competitive and pay way more for the human touch.


I like what you say.
I think to compete with ChatGPT, you have to limit the quantity and increase the quality.
Reducing the number of proposals will highlight the best proposals.

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Agree! I’m still surprised to see $100 naming contests on SH, as I think they are essentially disrespectful of the creative talent’s time. From my past retail business experience, if you try and sell dollar store items in a high-end environment, then all you do is cheapen the entire product mix. With the new investment just announced by SH, they really should look at getting rid of the cheap legacy products like $100 contests, and pay the creatives what they are worth.


Reality isn’t always what we want it to be, it’s what it is.

AI is advancing incredibly fast.

It’s equal to or better than humans at many tasks already, and it will keep getting better at lightning speed.

This means whether we like it or not, humans will stop getting paid to do many things that we used to do.

Naming contests are likely one of these things.

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I understand your points about AI, but feel that it can’t be the defining “entity” that changes everything. Although I’ve been impressed so far with the AI submission descriptions, there have been a couple I’ve generated that missed what I was trying to communicate with a specific entry. Anything involving word-play, punning or other word-smithery seems to trip AI up. I spent some time this afternoon on YouTube watching a fave channel, which is a UK doctor explaining/discussing all things medical. His user name is MedLifeCrisis (a great riff on MidLifeCrisis). I love it (and the domain is already registered of course). I really don’t think (at the moment) that AI would have come up with that name, if given the brief to create something medical with a fun twist. Maybe soon but not now I hope…


Just for fun, I played around with It came up with some pretty good names for things, including some ideas of my own for products. But I always got stimulated to think of other names of my own.