The lost art of rating

it seems to have become a lost art - all Im getting at the moment are old contests where they reduced by 4s and 3s to twos


Hello! Laurel here, new to Squadhelp.

Is there something that tells the CH that one-star ratings are for people who don’t follow the brief? I’ve seen it mentioned in comments a lot (I can’t comment because I’m too new.)

But it happens so often that I am just curious if this is actually explained to the CH at some point. I’m kinda tired of one-stars when I’ve followed the brief :frowning:

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laurel, This CH in particular had used SH before and may be relying on what the rating system used to be like, But Admin does send a brief that includes ratings etc… that explains the process and the best way(s) to get the best name. Some I imagine may not read it thoroughly .

Also commenting publicly/privately on the ratings you get prob isn’t advised per Admins comment policies

Hey Seezall,

Whooops! Sorry for the flub! In any case, I am a five-star girl in a one-star body! Actually, I wasn’t talking about any contest in particular. I’ve seen several strings which remind the CH about the ratings system, and I signed up less than a month ago. That’s why I was wondering if the CH’s even knew about it! It appears they do, but …hmph.

That there is just the lumps of the game generally why I don’t go gung ho off the bat and wait to see what ratings there giving,

But Hey, I see your trending in that comp, so way to go!

Got it off the bat now I cant come up with anything better,

For this comp? Maybe I’ll throw in a couple of entries, if I can think of anything haha

Good Lord, I haven’t even begun to figure out how trending works yet. If there are 12 four-star entries and zero five-star entries, then how do they pick which four-star entries are trending?

I think trending is based on the contestant with the highest (and most high rated) ratings. So if there are no 5 stars, and say you had 3 4star entries out of say 10 4star entries, then you be will be trending. It doesn’t mean you will win, since there would be 7 other entries being considered (had my share of trending, and never won yet), but in this comp, even though the highest rated is 3 stars, you are still trending because almost everyone elses ratings are below you. And because this competition is guaranteed to pay, it gives you a ‘higher’ chance of having a submission selected.
So yeah, trending is amazing, but I have learnt not to lose sleep over it :wink:

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Wow. That is … well, I’m going to dream about what you just said. I’m sure I can work it out in my subconscious mind :smile:

On another note, does guaranteed mean that SH will pay you if the CH doesn’t? If it’s not guaranteed, do the CH’s just run off into the night?

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