The Lighterboard

WOW! Before, you could be on the monthly Leaderboard with one win. I couldn’t even get on this month with 2! Congratulations to all the big winners in April! Those of us who enter every contest but have only one or two wins will have to step things up! Hopefully the big leaders will let us! :disappointed:

Anyway, reiterating my post from yesterday: May SH’s new Terms of Agreement provide a turning point on this site. If I’m not mistaken, I believe there were clauses about contestants representing themselves and CHs only registering names they had awarded, if that’s correct?

I’m a little confuse about the leaderboard results. It shows that I won 3 contest for April but on my account it only shows 2 wins. Hmmmm…

I’m also confused about how bonuses factor into the equation. Do they? My own feeling is that bonuses ought to be considered as a tie-breaking measure. I had 1/4 of that bonus that was split four ways on April 1. I don’t recall if extra points were given to the contestants who split that bonus amount.

@auntshommy this is how the leaderboard is calculated:

We rank the creatives with the most wins first. If multiple creatives have the same number of wins, we then rank them based upon their high rating proportion for that specific month as well as number of entries submitted to achieve a win during that month. The goal of the leaderboard is to recognize top 25 contestants with the best stats (high contest wins, high ratings, least number of entries per win). Since there are more than 200 contests in a month, we recognize that the top 25 leaderboard is not able to feature many of the high ranking creatives despite the fact that they won more than 1 contest during that month. We will look at additional ways of recognizing all of our top creatives.

Regarding your comment about changes to Terms of Service, the compensation clause has been in place for several of the previous iterations of the Terms of Service as well. In this set of changes, we have added further clarification to several of the sections.

@firehawk828, the leaderboard counts all wins received in the specific month. So if you won 3 contests during the month of April, they will be considered in the leaderboard. On the other hand, the stats on your account page show the wins in the same month as the contest was entered, in order to provide a direct comparison between contests entered vs contests won. As shared previously, we are working on updating the stats on the account page, to make it consistent with how the wins are shown on leaderboard section.

I understood most of that, Dan. Expressed in simpler terms, my own opinion is that a bonus should factor in as a tiebreaker. It doesn’t have the same gravitas as a win, but it is an award of some sort and I recall we used to get points for them along with the cash prize. But thanks for bringing all of us “on board.”

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I’m sorry, but it’s still not clear to me. Why is it those monthly bar graphs don’t always line up with the “number of wins” next to a contestants name on the leaderboard? Shouldn’t the number of wins in a month be in the month the wins are actually awarded?

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that would make more sense :wink:

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@LuckyDuck, as stated previously, we are working on changing it to make it consistent with the leaderboard.

The reason to show the monthly bar graphs differently was to clearly show the number of contests a creative won in relation to the number of contests they entered in the same month. Given that it is causing some confusion, we are changing it.

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Going back to bonuses:
I think it would be nice to see if any bonuses were given in a contest. I am not in any way suggesting that bonuses be treated the same way as wins. But maybe there could be an icon next to a closed contest, or a link on our profile that shows what bonuses we’ve received. This way, it would be easier for contestants to quantify at least some of the hierarchy on the Leaderboard. For instance, if you have six(!!) wins and one bonus. your name would be shown above contestants with six (!!!) wins and no bonus. Someone with 2 bonuses would be placed first in their number of wins. Then the algorithm SH is using now would follow.
I won’t even pretend that a name I might think of, no matter how apropos and different, is even in the same lane as the brilliant work done by our graphic artists. But within the ranks of the strictly-namers, I think that bonuses should both be displayed somewhere and count in the rankings. To my non-algorithmically geared mind, they’re easier to appreciate and make sense of.
So do I get a bonus for thinking of this? :wink: