The future of SH registered domains


I’ve got some questions and concerns regarding domains registered by Squad Help. First of all, when SH pays for the renewal fees too, the commission of the creative gets diminished. Most likely some of the domains will not sell for many years and we definitely want to get some money for our ideas. Is there a minimum percentage that SH will guarantee for the creatives in case a domain gets sold, let’s say, in 10 years? Are you guys intending to keep domains for that long? If at some point you decide a domain does not match your marketplace anymore, would you agree to transfer it to the creative instead of letting it drop? In what conditions would that happen?


@raresfarcas Even in cases where SH continues to pay for ongoing renewals, we do not intend to offer commissions that go below 18% of the selling price. However, it is unlikely we will continue to pay for the registration fees and renewals after several years if the domain hasn’t sold. In that scenario, (if SH no longer offers to pay for renewal), the creative will have the option to drop the domain.

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to transfer the domains back to thousands of creatives after several years of renewals. If you prefer to keep the ownership of the domain, it is better to submit them as a “Creative Registered” domain.


Can we have option to offer discounts on SH registered names? ATM it is controlled by SH. If the names dont sell in years but have good shortlist count and by offering a handsome discount can increase the chances of getting it sold.


Thank you for your clarifications regarding the minimum commission level and about SH’s view on this subject.


@Be_Fearless you can already offer discounts on SH registered names, the option for that is on your marketplace listings page. Squadhelp even notifies customers who have show interest previously when you apply a discount. The option doesn’t appear on all names at the same time, but probably at least half have the discount option at any given time.


Thanks for the info but i have only one SH registered name and i dont see any option for offering discount for that. Do i need to do a blue button?


@Be_Fearless I’m not sure how the discounts would work with a single name, I would probably blue-button and ask.


This is not 100% true. You can only add discounts to names that are within 3 months of renewal. I also want the ability to add discounts to all SH owned domains.


Ok, I never really noticed the connection between the renewal dates and the discount option, I was just pointing out that the option does already exist for at least some names.