The future of expert classifications

On Twitter this morning, I see Squadhelp has announced a beta feature where domain classifications can be handled completely by AI, including domain descriptions. Is Squadhelp planning to eliminate the expert classifier position? Or will domainers be able to choose a custom description or an auto-generated version?



Good question! The hands free merchandising feature is a Beta feature and is not designed to eliminate the Expert Classification option. Even though we believe this feature can create highly compelling descriptions and assist with classification, it is not expected to compete with professionally done classification by experts.

What it can do is save quite a bit of time in giving all the names a great starting point. Even the expert classifiers can use this initial classification to save time when adding new classifications. The sellers and expert classifiers can make changes to (or completely rewrite) the classification and/or description that were added by AI.


Hi @grant @ALDaisy1 I would love to find out if it were possible for Expert classifiers to gain access to domain owners, because sometimes when we get a Don’t Like It rating after a classification, we are unable to know what it is the domain owner really wants… And overtime this could affect our overall rating.

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Also sometimes domain classification can be tedious, especially when the domains are much. Creativity is required for this job, @grant I would really appreciate it if classifiers would get a standard fee of $2 for every classification. In comparison to logo design, they even get an additional 1 dollar to the 3 dollar standard when they get a Love It rating.
I believe the $1 fee is really small, in relation to our creativity…If we decide not to put so much into this, we would get low ratings which will over time affect our overall rating and in turn decrease our chances of getting jobs.
Please consider🙏


I am personally not impressed by “expert classifications”. I agree that the $1/$2 fee is really small and I shouldn’t expect lots of quality work done for such money, but… Quite often I have to overwrite classifications I receive as they contain typos and other mistakes. Also bad choices for industries and possible uses. But what bothers me the most is that the majority of expert classifications are not SEO friendly. Using posh and complicated words and phrases that nobody ever uses in everyday speech is a very bad idea. Also I noticed that certain experts set up keywords that they don’t use in descriptions after that. Quite often they don’t even include the name itself in the description.

What I’ve been doing recently is to order an expert classification, and also add the AI generated one. So I use both together in order to compensate for what has been missed in any of the two. Experts have to understand that the descriptions are not meant for prospectives only to read them. So they don’t have to sound like taken out of a novel written 250 years ago. They have to be SEO friendly, so that Google can index our names in results.

Problem here I think, is that experts are not copywriters, but domainers.


AI classifications have issues, too. Some of the copy is quite awkward; “(Domain) is a name that desires to seek an audience” is one of the worst I see generated frequently. What does that even mean?
The classifiers certainly have different writing styles and levels of skill. If it were possible to choose a preferred classifier, as we can with logo artists, maybe results would be more consistent.


I would like to know: since the AI feature for classifications was added, has there been any noticeable effects on sales? Are names with a generated classification selling more often than names with custom descriptions, or is the opposite true? This information would be helpful in deciding how to give our names the best possible chance of selling.


@ALDaisy1 At this point we are not seeing a noticeable difference in STR for names with expert classification vs AI descriptions however this data may change over time. We do find that names with a description and proper classification (e.g. Root words and categories) achieve a significantly better STR compared to names that do not have this information.

Having a description has two distinct benefits:

a) Better SEO ranking of the landing page
b) Better engagement, discovery and connection with potential buyers.

It is important to note that while the AI descriptions can provide a good starting point, they are unlikely to meet the same level of quality as a professionaly written custom description. Many sellers use the AI description and classification as a starting point but customize them to make them more relevant. We have also seen an improvement in STR for some sellers who were previously not writing any descriptions at all but are now using AI descriptions and classifications for their domains.


I would like to find out how the rating system works, because overtime I have observed that “Don’t Like It” ratings affect my overall ratings more than 'Love It", my ratings keep falling because my ‘Love It’ ratings are not being acknowledged.
I did some classifications recently and got some Love It ratings and still yet my overall rating hasn’t moved, i am pretty sure if i get “Don’t Like It” its going to fall again.
If it continues this way i won’t be able to get jobs as much because I would have fallen below average. @grant please kindly look into it, I have complained severally without results.

Jo, your ratings drop if you get blocked by a CH. Also, your rating may not go up if you get Love Its because your ratings are compared to other creatives so if other creatives are also getting the Love Its, then nothing changes for you. NTYs do not impact your ratings. Only your ratings above that do.


Are we still talking about Expert Classification?

No, I was answering your question about your ratings above.

This thread is for expert classifiers, I also referred to it in the write-up. I was referring to my expert classification ratings

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oops, sorry about that! It sounded just like contest ratings. My apologies.

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Once again great insight… I appreciate that. When I write my descriptions I am thinking of the reader. I do add category keywords but I have not been writing with seo in mind.

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Is any other expert classifier experiencing troubles with his/her rating? Mine keeps going down despite the number of “Love Its” I am getting, if i get just one “Dont Like It” my rating falls…

What could be the problem?

Hello @grant I’ll like to suggest that there be a medium for expert classifiers to talk to domain owners, this way classifiers can get an insight as to what the owner has is mind and thereby tailor his description to fit that purpose. As it is in logo design.

Secondly, domainers rating their classifiers should be made compulsory, being that classifiers depend on these ratings to increase their overall ratings. Alot of us classifiers are loosing out on jobs because we don’t get rated thereby our overall ratings keep dropping.

Also domainers should be notified when a classifier updates his classification after a bad rating. One way to increase classifier rating is to redo domains with low ratings. After talking to customer care I realized that SH only reaches out to domainers after the initial rating, so when an update or redo is made, they don’t know and as such cannot rate us. And since there’s no way for us to contact the owners we are once again left stranded with low ratings and no jobs.

Please @grant I ask that you please look into these…Thanks in anticipation.

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For $1 per classification, I don’t think it fair to ask classifiers to redo work just to increase ratings. I would prefer if each domain owner were assigned an identification number that was visible beside each domain assignment. That way, if a classifier receives a bad rating on a certain domain, they could choose not to accept more assignments from that domain owner. Some writing styles just won’t appeal to everyone, and that’s ok.


It’s really unfair, I feel SH doesn’t pay much attention to us classifiers, we are being paid the most little with poor working conditions.
I understand that SH isn’t paying us directly, but they can as well make the conditions favourable. Me being able to assign a new domain is dependent on a domainer rating my work, yet SH didn’t make rating classifications compulsory.
I’m currently stuck below average, and getting my ratings back up is really hard because domainers won’t rate new classifications, and they can’t see updated classifications either talk more of rating them.

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