The .com Dilemma

Is anyone else feel utter frustration with trying to find a .com

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It’s tricky, cryssy91178. You have to be very creative and/or very lucky, or find a suffix or prefix that makes your name available. We all struggle with this, rest assured! Good luck.

You’re not alone. I feel the same way. Many clients want short concise domains which are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Most are either in use by another company or held hostage by domain name parkers. In some cases it is virtually impossible to find a good short available domain. It’s so bad that I skip certain contests because I know it will be too hard to find a good .com per the clients expectations. I wish more clients were open to alternative extensions. That’s also why I prefer the contests in which the client does not require a .com. I feel more free to go wild with ideas.

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I completely agree with that! also love when they have other domains it really helps to be able to give quality answers.

I like that challenge :smiley: