The Bonus Zone-Us

I want to revisit bonuses again: different observations other than my feeling that they could be used as a tiebreaker on the Leaderboard.
I gratefully received a bonus a few hours ago. The problem is: I can’t click on the link and see which contest it was for. I do have a name, which I won’t mention here, but it’s not tied to a contest or an entry. I checked the “bell,” but even there, there’s no mention of the CH, the contest, or the entry. I’m guessing the CH may have requested to withhold the information, Is there any way for me to find out who sent it? Thanks!


I got a message from a CH saying they were going to award bonuses-- for

But it would be nice to have the contest name and entry given to you


At least you got bonuses… I have 2 entries taken on that contest (I must say those entries were submited on other contests)… And I have one registered privately yesterday and another registered today (in another contest) without registrar name yet…

Not disagreeing, JC & AW. I do know where the bonus came from now. As I mentioned, I was very grateful to receive it; I just wanted to know who it came from. It’s not from a contest that’s been mentioned, where I thought I was rated well, or that just closed. Big surprise! :blush: