Thanking a CH, appropriate or no?


I was replying to your question


I guess it would be easier for us all to understand if we could see what the CH actually sees. Maybe a Mock/Example contest. Then both the CH and the Creative would get a better idea on how it all goes. I’ve been here over 1 year and the rules have been changing on a constant basis. Gets confusing at times. The idea of doing away with PM have been discussed many times before and Admin is set on keeping it in place and monitoring then


That was a rhetorical question. Let me save you another missive. A PM wouldn’t be called a Private Message if we all could see them.


T[quote=“LisaMac, post:42, topic:2307”]
I guess it would be easier for us all to understand if we could see what the CH actually sees. Maybe a Mock/Example contest.

This is a great idea and could be very beneficial.


@Arnet I am sorry. Pulled an all-day nighter with a sick kid. I read it wrong . Trying to help, but didn’t :expressionless:


That’s something that has also been proposed and asked for on numerous occasions (seeing what CH sees and what things look like and such) and the only way to know thus far is by being a CH. I’ve always been the one to say that if we knew how this is shown or how that is done and so on and so forth that things would be even more transparent and may help with everyone’s understanding of certain things but SH has their reasons for not doing such, and I understand that as well. And I believe mock/example contests could be excellent, for many reasons, but I’m not sure if such could or even would be done. In the past admins/moderators have tried to textually describe (in a few threads) what the CH sees on their end, especially when new features have come out, but I believe that is all the farther it has went and I’m glad we’ve received that much as many other platforms wouldn’t even go that far and you do things, there, completely blind. If or until such happens, though, I take what all I’ve read and seen and draw my own conclusions from both SH admins/mods and creatives opinions and insights and that is why I’ve decided personally, like many, to stay away from PMs.


Thanks, someone sick in the family is never a good thing. Hopefully, they will be better real soon.


I’ve had CHs PM over an entry as well, and I too hit the reply button. But I’ve noticed (like I said earlier) I don’t believe it counts against you as a PM unless YOU initiate the PM. But like I also said earlier I wish the CH would contact though the entry. I just don’t see a reason for PMs outside an entry and therefore think it should only be available through entries. Even if you’re thanking them it’s still in regards to a particular entry.

But, I agree in that there’s really not a difference. Some people are going to cheat the system of communication rather it’s through the entry or not. However, getting rid of stand alone PMs means less areas for SH to check for abuse, less confusion for CHs (who are typically new and don’t know the ins and outs of the platform) on the best way to communicate with a creative and make it easier to connect msg with creative and entry, and finally allow suspicious creatives to relax because we’re not finding clues of non-entry related messages i.e more PMs than wins.

@LisaMac I can’t say foresure but I thought it worked like Rare said. Maybe @grant could confirm…


Thanks Arnet, but unfortunately that is not in the cards for my child. Some days are worse than others. So SH has become my little break from reality for some sanity. My recharge.
I really shouldn’t post when I’m tired. Lately when I read stuff back it looks confrontational, but it’s never meant to be. When I joined everyone here was so helpful in answering questions that I try to return the favor.


<3 <3 <3
I’ve walked this walk, too, Lisa. Mine is now 35 years old. And I can definitely relate to everything you’ve just said.


@Commulinks Thanks. I want to say its nice to know someone else who walks in your shoes, but that doesnt seem quite appropriate. Been getting 3 hours sleep per day now for 21 years. Kinda used to it now.
But Im gonna stop posrting,just got a pop up that basically says" let other people post" lol


Are you serious?? It really said that?? That’s kinda rude :confused:


I’m surprised I’ve never gotten one lol


Yup @Chasity2ku lol. It kinda said I’ve been posting at 24% or something and something along the lines if let other creatives post lol. It didn’t pop up now do I can’t remember what it was word for word


I’ve been on here for a year and nine months and in the last week or so I’ve learned you can give too many likes in one day and be warned you’re posting too much…lol the forums hoppin’ :laughing:

BTW I didn’t think you’d posted that much :anguished:


@LisaMac Wow! I learned something new too, I am surprised I haven’t gotten that myself. Maybe we talk too much, lol.

@Chasity2ku I’ve been done in by too many likes 4 times since coming back. I haven’t gotten that one yet, though, but I am sure it is coming. I am happy to see that the forums are hopping again and all the new ideas, new sugestions, new questions, and all the outpouring of love and teamwork. It had been quiet there for a bit, but I’m glad I came back when I did to learn of all the new stuff and meet the new people and just be a part of everything again. Missed everyone, for sure. I just hope that SH is on the path to becoming even better, and hopefully get acknowledged as the best platform for what SH does and what we do.


never got one for too many likes lol That one seems strange


Yeah it seemed strange to me at first too but then I got to thinking about why they would do that and realized it’s prob because we have privileges here in the forum (i.e. seniors lounge, redirecting threads, etc) that come with our current level of trust which is based on our activity such as getting and giving likes, posts, replies, yada yada yada

There must be creatives or competitors that try to manipulate their trust level.

I’ve never been told I’ve given too many likes btw and the person I know it has happened to, is or was just supporting their thread. Lol just felt the need to put that out there