Thanking a CH, appropriate or no?


Thank you, Chasity. I probably come off as harsh but I don’t mean to be. Thank you for seeing past that!


I’ve sent a few private messages, all but one were thank you messages. (the other was in answer to a question about a submission after the contest had moved to the finalizing phase.) I just send the messages privately because I figure they are more likely to be seen that way, and because I see no reason everyone else would want to see them (might even seem a little braggy, imo). Basically, if the option is there, then there must be an appropriate time to use private messages, and to me, a thank you seems harmless enough.


No one else would see them unless you put them into the messaging center of the contest. Posting it attached to the chosen entry wouldn’t allow anyone but the CH (and SH admins, respectively) to see it.

As for me, I don’t see the need for private messaging except in very rare occurrences as I take the opinion that some others do that I don’t want the stigma possibly attached to me that I may be utilizing private messages as a way to get a leg up. So I try to only communicate through my entries and that’s been sufficient for me for pretty much everything other than when I need to ask the CH something that could help everyone, which then I post in the message center. For me it’s just more straight forward that way.


@Rareworthy, SH does not use thank you messages against you for the leg up. They’ve said that several times and I want to assure you they don’t.


Yeah I wouldn’t want to post a reply of that nature publicly either. But in that situation you didn’t go out of your way to select a private route of communication, you simply hit the reply button. I would have to, and have. So same goes for the CH, why would they rather PM you about an entry instead of asking on that entry’s designated comment section that’s private as well?

But either way the bottom line is my problem is not with the creatives thanking CHs privately, it’s more the PM option in the first place. I think, like Rare said, anything that needs to be said should be in regards to an entry, rather it’s a thank you or collaboration and can be done through said entry. This is a topic that’s been brought up several times in my time here and SH themselves have said in the forum the bigger problem is creatives seeking an unfair advantage on entry comments, not PMs. For that reason I’ve always felt it would be easier if there was one form of communication (through entries) and for it to be monitored closely, or atleast only allow PMs after a winner has been chosen.

But @ALDaisy1 or @LauraE or anyone that uses it properly, I don’t have any issues with that but I’m one of those that looks at creatives with lots of PMs and can’t help but wonder if they’re abusing it…doesn’t man they are tho. Just wish it wasn’t an option to begin with. :slightly_smiling_face:


No, I realize that, but other creatives have access to viewing the number of messages sent on profiles and I know it’s been brought up several times about high numbers of messages being seen on creatives’ profiles and all the wonderings that then creates (why have so many been sent, what could they possibly be saying in that many messages, what’s wrong with thanking the CH on entries, why do we need PMs, is there any guarantees that creatives aren’t taking advantage of PMs, and other such questions that have been posed). I myself don’t wish to have such scrutiny placed on me and can do without PMs personally so I just wish not to cross all of the added stigma.

However, thank you for clearing that up! You, and all those else that have said similar. It is still nice to know if I ever do decide to start doing such and I am sure the assurance will help others as well.


@rareworthy That might be a flaw in my thinking, I just assume that once a contest is over, the CH won’t be looking at the entry list and therefore wouldn’t see comments there. Honestly, the private comment feature isn’t important to me one way or another.


I am not sure how long you’ve been here @rareworthy, but in case anyone else doesn’t know this: SH monitors private messages and takes action when the amount and content are not within the rules. And, there “were” creatives who did have enormous numbers of private messages but I think SH has nixed that because it doesn’t seem like that is happening how. We had many convos about this in the forum and I know SH took action. I apologize if you knew that already… I can’t remember how long people have been here.


It’s not nixed. There are a few who have like 40 every month and when the new month comes, it’s still close to the same number…running around the same for every period.


@ALDaisy1 it was my understanding a long time ago that if you comment on an entry, after it is submitted, the CH gets emails about new comments that have been added. I may be wrong on this, but that is what it seemed like a while back. That’s why I don’t worry about it. Then again I’ve only won two contests thus far, but I just go on the assumption that they are alerted to a comment just like we are so don’t worry about PMing them. And it’s no flaw, everyone is different and does different things, I’m not scrutinizing either way I am just saying I avoid PMs because they way they have been seen in the past as well as I am happy making do with comments on entries. I’m pretty sure that CHs know we are grateful as is, not to discourage thanking them of course, but I just don’t see it a necessity for PMs in my own personal case. You do whatever feels comfortable for you.


Oh wow, Jackie, I guess I haven’t been paying attention!


Yes, bonuses are nice. Just means they want your domain as well, even though they didn’t choose it as their winner. I had three bonuses from the same CH once.


@Chasity2ku. When you PM it also shows up in the message section, but only visible to you and the CH. I guess I started using PM to thank them, when the first PM I received was from the CH thanking me for my winning name and then went on to praise me in the messages section of the contest. I was touched so I sent a PM back. There’s really no right or wrong way when it comes to thanking them. I feel it’s a personal choice. I guess I just don’t understand why everyone needs to see the thank you.


I think someone mentioned earlier that PM’s show up in your message section, but only you can see the messages sent to and the messages sent by you. PM’s are not public, the ‘P’ in PM stands for Private. Why call them Private Messages if everyone can see them?


@LisaMac There must’ve been a miscommunication somewhere because I’ve not implied thank yous should be public. I’ve stated I wish everyone would thank through the winning entry so SH would potentially discontinue the private message option as I think that’s the main reason it’s even available.

Plus, if the CH PMs you and you reply that doesn’t count as a mark against you. That’s not a problem either. However I wish the CHs would just compliment through the entry as well. My problem is with creatives initiating a fresh private PM. Those count as a mark. Not saying that mark is bad but if you’ve been here long enough you know that tally is kept for other creatives to see how much you contact the CH privately outside of an entry. I remember when it was implemented and it’s sole purpose is for us to monitor the situation ourselves to a certain extent. That’s why Rare, Alwrighty, myself, and others NEVER initiate a PM, because we don’t want people thinking we’re butt kissing for an advantage. That’s why we (or atleast me) don’t understand why some still want to initiate their own PM and take the mark when they could privately thank them through the winning name. Rare is right, they do get notified they’ve got a msg this way.

Anyway, you’re not doing anything wrong, it’s just perpetuating an issue that could be irradicated if PMs were discontinued.

Oh, and if you have more PMs than wins…you can bet you’re being scrutinized by other creatives rather you did anything wrong or not.


Chasity- There are times when the CH will contact you via PM for different reasons.I have had that happened to me more than once, I always respond back to them via PM. As I see nothing wrong with that. I know I can’t change people’s mind on it, but I’m finding it hard to see the difference in responding to them via message part of your submission and PM, both are private.


@Arnet… everyone can’t see the PM. But it does post in the contest message section only visible to the CH and the creative that either sent it or received it .


@Chasity2ku. Here’s my question, when you send a message with your entry, I know they see it together with the name you submitted. But do secondary messages sent through the entry show the name with the message. Or is the CH left wondering which entry the message belongs to?


That is EXACTLY what I typed.


The way I have taken it, when it has been explained, is that the CH gets an email with the entire submission with each comment that is made, so I take that as the entry is always included. Considering there have been certain contests where I have had quite decently lengthed conversations with a CH completely in comments on a single entry, it supports this as well because they still knew the entry that was being spoken about and the conversation continued. Also even if it doesn’t reference the entry itself, it references the creative and then when they go onto the site they then can see which entries have comments on them in their dashboard of the contest.

Another thing, if a creative they have chosen send them a message as a thank you and they know they only selected a certain or certain creatives (if choosing bonuses) if they receive an email saying they received a comment and the comment was “Thank you for choosing my entry blah blah blah” they are going to know which entry it came from, because how many thank yous are they going to get from people they didn’t choose? So I don’t, personally, see why it matters – in THIS case – of if the entry is included or not when you send a thank you attached in the comment of an entry myself.

And sorry, I know I am not @Chasity2ku and she will probably respond as well, I just had to respond with my thoughts too. Sorry, @Chasity2ku for stepping in, feel free to respond as well.