Thanking a CH, appropriate or no?


I just received a very nice note and my first bonus from a CH. There didn’t seem to be a way to respond with a thank you.

Is it even appropriate or allowed to respond? If yes, what is the appropriate way? Or do I just enjoy my warm fuzzy and leave it at that?


Congratulations! I’ve always sent a Thank you to chs as well as sh anytime I’ve won directly or in a split.I’ve not ever been told or read that’s against the rules or discouraged.I message the ch via their user name.Although one time I thanked a ch and it posted in public comment-idk what happened there😏.Anyway I think it’s ok.


If I send a thank you, I use the message area of the name that won. In this way, they at least know what I am typing about quickly.

I never send a thank you when the contest was a split because they didn’t pick my name, the SH system did. The contest was abandoned after all, no point in bringing that up.


I go back to the contest page and send a private message to the CH to thank them for choosing my name and wish them luck with their new business


[quote=“Arnet, post:3, topic:2307”]
If I send a thank you, I use the message area of the name that won. In this way, they at least know what I am typing about quickly.[/quote]
Yes, I also leave a “Thank You for Choosing My Name” message in the comment area of the actual winning name - I don’t know if they get an email notifying them that they have a message once the contest is closed or not, but I sure hope they do. :slight_smile:


I know that they get it if you send private messages. I’ve had a few respond back to my thank you with another thank you of their own lol


Just an FYI: when you send the private message, the CH (and the creative who sent it only) can also see it in the general message section of their contest. I also make sure to include the winning name. Dear CH, Thank you for choosing my name " ABC CORP" as your winner. etc, etc


[quote=“LisaMac, post:6, topic:2307”]
I know that they get it, if you send private messages…[/quote]
Ahhhh, thanks for that tidbit of info, Lisa…

I’ve always hesitated to send PMs, because of the “No PMs to Contest Holders Rule” - I didn’t want to be accused of sending PMs to try to gain an advantage, ya know? :wink:


@AlwriteyThen That rule was put into place to stop creatives from asking questions to gain an unfair advantage. Getting information that was general in nature and should be known to all creatives entering the contest. Private messages are there to use if the CH asked you for more clarification on your entry and only the CH is supposed to initiate a PM. All other questions are supposed to be posted in the contest message section to be fair to all. SH Admin does monitor all PM’s
I’ve asked SH Admin. before about contacting CH through their PM to thank them for choosing a name and was told that it was fine and encouraged.


@LisaMac I know that it’s perfectly acceptable to send a thank you through the private link but I 've never understood why a creative doesn’t just thank them through the winning entry. Maybe you can give me some insight into that. Why do you personally prefer to send it with no connection to the entry? I’m not questioning you, just curious :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!


I always send a thank you PM to the CH if I win a contest. I see nothing wrong with it. Neither does SH…I don’t understand the opposition to it.


My personal opposition to sending a PM is that it could be a waste of time for the CH. The last thing a person needs who is starting a new business or launching a new product or whatever is seeing a tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) message from someone who they probably don’t know right off the bat. I send a simple to the point message with the winning entry that is usually less than ten words. This saves them time and let’s them know that I appreciate their selection.


Arnet, that is your supposition (or is it presupposition?). Some might fall in that category but not all. Every win that I have sent thank yous to, have had positive responses back. One especially memorable one, praised the creatives here. I think leaving a thank you in the comment section makes it impersonal. That’s just my opinion, though


It’s neither supposition or presupposition. My statement above was based on my personal experiences with starting a business.


I think the most earth-shattering thing here is: sometimes there are bonuses???


[quote=“geniuswaitress, post:15, topic:2307, full:true”]
I think the most earth-shattering thing here is: sometimes there are bonuses???[/quote]

I’m laughing out loud, GW, even though I don’t quite understand your statement/question, it just struck me as hilarious! :grinning:


The original post says:


“I just received a very nice note and my first bonus from a CH.”


Ahhhh - You weren’t aware that we sometimes get Bonuses from the Clients?

I’ve received a couple - It’s like a big tip for being an “exceptional waitress”:wink:


Guess I have a new goal, then.


I’m not opposed to thanking them, @LauraE. I’ve done it, and I encourage others to as well. I just don’t like the option to send a PM. I think thank yous are largely why they’re an option, if not the only reason. I don’t believe SH reads every message sent to CHs. I think they read randoms, kinda like auditing messages, for example. But I don’t know foresure.

But I asked because I’m thinking there must be something I’m missing. I think to myself, why is it important for some to go that route? So I asked. You gave me something to think about with it seems impersonal, and thank you for giving me your perspective. That’s all I was seeking when I asked that question.