"Tell me the secret to winning"


I’ve recieved this type of message over and over again.
Sometimes going as far as contacting me via Facebook.
Sometimes going as far as threatening me over other forms of communication.
In the beginning I entertained this sort of message, but recently I’ve just started ignoring them.
If you’ve messaged me and I haven’t responded, I apologize.

Guys. There is no secret. There is no algorithm.
At one point I even had someone saying squadhelp was the one awarding me contests, and that soon my winning would be over because they would get bored of me.

Squadhelp does not do this. There is no favoritism. There are no cheat codes.
The creatives who win are dedicated.
The secret is time and thought.
They started at the bottom too.
They had their share of no thank yous.
They have been discouraged too.
Don’t give up.
This is all a learning process.

Rant over.


@littodino You said it all… It’s all dedication…


Wow, it is outrageous you have received threats.

Congratulations on all your success.


It takes TIME and DEDICATION!!! Thinking inside the box and outside the box and doing industry research … NEVER GIVE UP


I agree. looking at my own entries and those of Namers who have consistently won contests, there really is no “formula” for Namers,because really, everything is up to the Client.sometimes they pick awesome names we’ve suggested, and sometimes they pick ones which have just been tossed out there that we see have won a contest and go, “Really?? That’s what you picked as a winner?? You kidding me?”

Just read the brief and put your best stuff forward. And if your best suggestions aren’tgetting Any bites, figure out why…That’s the best idea on how to win contests.


Hi littodino,

Its sad that you have to face this kinda scrutiny. :hugs: Funny that they think there is a secret to winning lolz… Maybe you should just tell them “good karma” henceforth ROFL.

Regarding the threats, have you reported this to SH?? That’s totally shocking!

Wishing you more success :slight_smile:



The truth is there. Let’s all learn how to be dedicated and hard working even if it don’t pay. One day it will click.


You are a true inspiration to me!! :slight_smile:


I am sure if I bothered to submit to more contests I could win, but it really does take a surprising amount of time and effort in doing so, so much respect to you all guys and gals dedicating your time like this, you all deserve to be winners! :slight_smile:


Im new but i wanna learn how to make money and to join in contest.


100 agree on your words


Your so cute when your mad.

You inspire many , I cant hate the player or the game in this place : )

Keep smiling !! Thank you.


I want to know how to participate in a contest. I’m new here.


Same bro. I’ve only been here a week and im loving it. Sorry, still learning the ropes too so the only thing i can give you is a big ol’ good luck and have fun!


My advice to anyone new is before you worry too much about winning contests check out the FAQ articles, read the blog, and read through forum threads. Get a good understanding of everything first, it might not be as exciting as jumping right in, but it will pay off in the long run. Everyone here is right about the time and dedication that goes into it. You won’t get anywhere if you just start throwing names out. It’s not the secret to winning but here’s a little FYI, all those youtube videos about make quick money just writing names :laughing: not even close… It takes so much more effort and then actually winning a contest to get any pay. I think many of us do it because we love the challenge and creative outlet here, not too mention how great it feels when you do help someone find that perfect name. Good luck!


A SECRET must not be revealed. This is the point.
Time, thought, dedication, constancy… they are like the ingredients of a recipe. But any recipe is a process…quantities, how to mix the ingredients, and cooking time. And, there is always a secret ingredient even in the simplest recipes, that nobody will reveal.

Who asks for knowing your secret, Littodino, would knowing your method, the final result of the learning process as you said.

The question is - how much should we pay you to reveal the secret?

hahahaha… good luck, Littodino… and good luck to all of us.


Hi everyone… I wanna ask you about submitting names…all my names are rejected…what’s the best idea to submit names?? I submitted them as unregistered domain should I choose another one?? Please tell me any thing about this subject


If you’re talking about submitting names to the marketplace, then you’re not getting rejected for any different reason than the rest of us are usually rejected time and time again: the marketplace is ‘highly curated’. What this means is that most names will be rejected. No, we don’t know the secret sauce to the ‘right’ name. SH does provide articles of help about what makes a good name and such, but beyond that … it’s still anyone’s guess as to what they’ll accept and what they’re looking for. Just keep submitting. Ninety some percent of the names that you submit will be rejected. If you want to try to circumnavigate this, you can always try registering the domains yourself and then trying to get them onto SH as a Basic or Basic Plus, but there still is some curation to that and that will come AFTER you’ve spent money on that name. I’ve never done these two options, so you’d have to talk to someone else about those … but as far as SH registered domains and submitting as an unregistered domain … it comes with the territory. SH picks and chooses what they want to buy and what they don’t based upon criteria that they have.


How many entries did you do before you won your first one? I guess it varies for everyone based on what you provide the buyers (not sure of the lingo yet lol)…I guess w/SO MANY entries, it seems almost impossible to ever be #1…there’s over 1000 on each contest…YIKES lol. But happy to be here and get my creative juices flowing again! :slight_smile:


Do they “like, love, or hate” submissions and you can see when they do this? I see emojis on contestants pages, but wonder who’s they’re liking/hating/loving/dismissing? Just shows #'s but no names…which i wouldn’t expect that to be known to all…but do you get notifications if they “like/love/remove” your individual entry?