Taken in ldts? Afternic selling?

What does that mean? Also selling in Afternic, do I just hit button on that? Do I need to reprice?

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Blue button sais it’s means other extensions are taken


Number of TLDs taken means how many other extensions the domain is registered in.

For example if you have MyDomain(.)com and MyDomain(.org), MyDomain(.net) and MyDomain(.co) are all registered then number of taken TLDs for MyDomain is 4.

This number indirectly relates to domain value, usually the higher the number of taken TLDs the more valuable the domain is. Think about it as name popularity indicator that relates to how rare the domain is (for example it is very rare to find unregistered popular dictionary word .com domain)


Deep blue thanks for taking the time, I appreciate that and you explained it perfectly.