Tagline match query

I noticed on tagline entries that if you have a full stop at end of tagline it will accept a matching entry. I have a habit of adding a period to taglines so someone can later enter same without period. Also visa versa obviously.
Maybe SH could look at it. It is not a common thing but I have seen it a few times.


Yes I have seen and experienced this kind of thing. I lost a contest exact words just different input like hello…verses hello- as an example. Congrats to the winner, two great minds think alike lol. I am ok with it after talking with sh about how that worked. Would like to see a more aggressive filter.jmt.

Agreed. SH seems to have trouble with punctuation in general. I’ve noticed that if you enter something like “Rock & Tree”, the trademark checker only sees “Rock” and flags it.


Oh yeah. .I see that alot. Especially with a unique single word with x on or near the end. I’m like man really!!! I don’t feel like every made up word from my head is already tm’d. Then again it’s right there to prove me wrong​:laughing::laughing:…I usually just skip it and move on…

Hello All - Thank you for letting us know. We will work on improving our “filters” in the near future.

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Has anyone seen this happening again? I am nearly sure it was fixed. I reported it to SH a couple of days ago and they are investigating, System was definitely accepting taglines with and without a ‘period’. Thanks,