Tagline Contest Clarification

I wanted to get some clarification on the contests that are looking for a name and Tagline. Do we enter the Tagline into the comments section ? When we are rated are they rating the name and tagline or just name ? If we just enter a name and don’t have a tagline associated with that particular name is our name still valid or are both needed to submit an entry ?
One last question if they like the name but not the tagline and want a new one or vice versa how do we do that ? Do we delete our previous entry and re-submit ? Thank you

That contest is not set up for taglines. They didn’t pay to get a tagline. When taglines are paid for, there is a second place to fill in your tagline. When there is a true tagline and name contest we have argued the fact that the rating doesn’t say which one it’s really for and the same thing has come up when liking one and not the other. According to @DAN, they are working on a better process to be announced some time in the future. But as for the contest currently, you do not enter a tagline. They can pay for a separate contest after they get their name if they would like.

Thanks @jackieheraty that makes it much easier. :blush:

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I informed her in the comments it is not set up for a tagline…but name and domain only…so she should be aware we will only be submitting names.
This has been an ongoing debate.Sometimes there are tagline and name contests combined…but for myself,I often don’t participate in those…as it causes the scenario that you mentioned above, and makes it very difficult, as you don’t know if you are down scored, if it was the name or tagline.

Plus to me it makes more sense to get a name first…then create a tagline, as sometimes the winning name lends itself to a particular tagline,and I think you can come up with better taglines if you know what the name is. If you don’t,it tends to generate more generic taglines, I think.