Tagline and Name all in ONE contest

How is this supposed to work? You have a place to enter domain name AND you have a place to enter the tagline ALL in ONE contest…

How does this get awarded if they liek the name and not the tagline, or ViceVersa???

DAN, shouldn’t you have explained this before starting a contest like this??

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@jackieheraty, this is one of the few new contest types added as part of site refresh last month. Some contest holders have asked for this type of contest in the past, and therefore, we now offer a combined contest with higher payouts.

Here’s how it will work for different scenarios:

  1. If the contest holder likes the name from one entry and tagline from another entry, they can pick a winner, and either request us to split the award fee, or pay additional bonus to the tagline submission.

  2. Alternatively, if they only like the name, but not the tagline, they can add a comment on the entry to ask the creative to submit other variations of the tagline.

Based upon how the first contest works, we will make any required adjustments for users to participate in these type of contests on a more efficient basis.

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Ok, thanks for responding. We will see how it goes then and provide feedback as well.

If we are asked by the CH to modify an entry, currently we have to delete the entry and resubmit. You should consider adding an EDIT option.


Lets see how this contest goes. If it gets too complicated to use, we might not offer this combined option for future contests.

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Yes we should see how it plays out, However as a creative ,I liked Aned’s idea if the CH likes one but not the other he can star but put edit option on the one he/she doesn’t like or wants tweaked . Re-subbing could get lost in the shuffle of a overwhelmed CH, it seems like that if you get a 3 star that leaves no direction for us as creatives. Love the idea of a combo package for an option for a CH and bigger prize awards Definitely should leave as an option its the system they may need tweaking maybe a edit option (aned) or a sub contest within a contest not sure how or what would work best ( but as a wise man once told me “you never learn anything if you always do it right”!

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I don’t understand if i got rated for my name, or for the tagline? If they rate say a 3star, is that for the name, the tagline or is it both? I can’t get a gauge on what is really rated.

I don’t know about others, but I am having a difficult time flip-flopping from name ideas and taglines. I usually get in a “zone” with coming up with names, but going back and forth I think my quality is not as good.

Some names are easy as the tagline almost writes itself, but for the most part, I find myself trying to hard to come up with different taglines just to get the entry to be submitted. Losing the quality and thought usually put into separate taglines.


I think a combo award amount works in our favor, because technically they could do a 50 name and 50 tagline contest ! I agree with Jackie getting a 3 star is zero help as far as feedback ! I like the idea of offering a package style contest should just be split into 2 or a secondary contest after naming. So SH will offer a package we come up with the name the name is presented then we go for tagline . this would also allow SH to do a grand package of name tag and logo!!! Bringing in more $ for everyone ! may do away with 50 dollar contests that way or if a 50 CH just gets a name no domain check

I think the CH is just wanting way to streamline the whole process.

This combo contest feels restrictive, each pair of name and tagline has to be unique, exclusively. We can’t think of several taglines to suit a particular name entry, or vice versa.

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