System update - points gone

I’ve already told SH but I’m wondering if this happened to anyone else? My points and stats underneath my name on my account have disappeared. Waahhhh :sob:

Checked my public profile and it says I have negative points… :fearful:

Kim have you used any or most of your best entries where available?

You’ve entered 49 contests 490 points, you have 45 high rated 900-1350 points And 0 negative ratings(fantastic BTW) totaling min 1390 to max 1840 am I correct? So unless you used 35 or less best entries you should be in the positive.

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@kreativekim,you should be able to see your badges and points on my account page now. Our system was hiding that section if the point balance falls below 0, and we have corrected that now.

It seems your point balance dropped slightly below 0 today because you have used your available points for best entry selection. We have updated your points back to 0 because we no longer keep negative point balances for any contestant.

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Ahah!!! I can do math )))

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Thank you guys! I was so confused. That makes sense… didn’t even know it was possible to be in the negative! Whoops!

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I noticed something interesting: When I click on “My Account” and scroll down, I see about the same ratings percentage as before. But: when I click on a win and scroll down, the high ratings percentage is much higher (about 30 points higher.) Any reason it’s different or just a glitch?