Super Positive Super Happy Super Patient and 4mo later not so super happy and super waiting instead lol

Whats the longest you guys have awaited a winner for a contest? I understand that all situations are different just a general question.

It took me 3 months before I was awarded my first win - And that was waaaay back in 2015 - Hang in there, because just when you least expect it, BANG, you nab one! :sunglasses:


It took me 4 months, Dansma. But just like Alwritey said, keep optimistic and don’t give up!

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Maybe you should try taking a week’s break if you haven’t; no naming, no thinking about names, no nothing. If you have your nose to the grindstone, you tend to lose sight of everything else. When you come back, you will probably have a new perspective and approach that may help you do better.

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Good advice, Lightless, but how do you disconnect? - I think about names in my sleep!!! :smile:


These days I am so busy with things that I rarely get to spend time on Squadhelp and haven’t been able to participate at all in lots of contests.

Yet my performance and results have been excellent even compared to times when I never missed a contest. Somehow I think the two are related and maybe the secret is getting busy with other interesting things and projects, and not get too obsessed with Squadhelp.

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Noo I meant a running contest. It’s been 4 months since the contest was posted and closed. And it’s only me and 1 other person in it. I guess they keep extending it or something. And all I do is think of names and disect logos lol. ALWAYS I’M DRIVING MY FAMILY CRAZY LOL

Some contests run long or take a long time to declare a winner because of some issue or the other. You can ask Squadhelp directly about the specific contest status using the talk bubble, as it is different for each.

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Hi there fellow potential winner - I’m the one who’s been waiting with you for a conclusion to that contest. :smile: It’s been making me a little crazy too. I’m just trying to look at it this way: the CH will either pick one of us, or we’ll each get a decent payout if it’s abandoned. Waiting is hard (I have almost no patience) but hopefully it won’t be too much longer. We could always try to send each other “good luck and patience” vibes.


Always sending the best of luck! And hello there. We can’t say our names huh? Well there have been 2 other cancelled contests that were cancelled that I thought were guaranteed also does that mean SH piks?

I’m always curious about the other namers’ high-ranking submissions, but I know they’re private for a reason. As for the cancelled contests you mentioned - if they were guaranteed and abandoned, SH should have picked winners unless there was some special reason they were cancelled that I’m not aware of. Anyway - good luck to you!