Suggestions for entering Contest/Marketplace names, perhaps

I’m rather new to SH, so this may be old hat and common knowledge to those who have been on here awhile. But in my short time, I’ve noticed something that has improved my own game whether it’s a naming contest or domain name/s for Marketplace.

That one thing is: Lean on domain name checker Websites before submitting names you’ve come with. They’ll save you a lot of time even before your contest name suggestions go thru SH’s process. In fact, they may even go a step further than SH’s process (although I don’t know for sure,so don’t quote me on that).

I use as my first stop even before submitting something in a naming or Marketplace submission. It’s quite thorough, and if your name passes that, it’ll almost assuredly pass anything.

For contests where the CH is based in the U.K., give Companies House ( a whirl to see if your name passes muster there too, especially for domains.

Also, readin the SH tutorial on things to really think about before submitting domain names to Marketplace is a must-read. Yeah, we like to think names we’ve conjured up are awesome, but maybe not so much, all things being equal :slight_smile:

Just a few cordial suggestions that some new/er Creatives same as me might find helpful, maybe.