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I realise that the use of a hyphen within a domain name is proscribed and yet some sites could use this to their advantage. I have tried to use this technique to exaggerate a specific brand, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be allowed by SH even if the CH doesn’t specify this in the brief. Am I doing something wrong or is this a SH rule?

If it doesnt work its not allowed :wink:

Maybe SH should incorporate an option for CH as they have possibly missed some good suggestions for domain names because of this. In saying that I know hyphens hinder maximum SEO (linked a good article at the bottom), yet shouldn’t that be up to the CH? Eg without the hyphen (wishit) could make company come across in a way they don’t intend and maybe even find offensive, something SH could think about.
Here’s the link worth a read


@Demiurge Your standpoint/position is valuable, but if there is one objection that might be brought to explain difficulty with its implementation is it might complicate TM matters significantly.

If you have to add the hyphen to obtain the domain, then obviously that domain is taken and CH’s would rather not accidentally direct traffic somewhere else…eg someone forgets the hyphen and ends up elsewhere.


@Vision Maybe in my last post wasn’t as clear as I should be. Regarding trademarks i.e. using a trademarked name and then just hyphenating it e.g., was not the point I was getting across. I understand that a company like Facebook may have TM issues regarding this (I’m sure they have TM’s on every variation of FB). My point is (as my last posts example) a hyphen could change the whole meaning of a name.

@Annie My original question arose from a suggestion I made in a contest.
The domain I chose was available both with and without a hyphen so therefore the CH could link both names to their website. The problem is the name I chose looked like something totally different without the hyphen. Another, better, example; 247 would read two hundred and forty seven yet 24-7 would read twenty four seven. I hope now I’ve made my original comments clearer, and that now it’s more obvious :slight_smile:

@Vision regarding TM’s doesn’t SH offer their gold package to stop TM violation? Or is it up to the contestants?

Well, if the domain is available in both directions then just submit it and in comments tell CH they can also add the hyphen.

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Thanks, I already did that. I was just thinking that if the name doesn’t stand out to the CH then they may not even read the comments or worse still give 1* rating

also key positions change depending on your keyboard and how the language is set - mine dont correspond to the symbols on the keyboard hence making it difficult for me to google names with symbols.

although I guess it should be up to a ch if they want to include them

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