Suggestion re: email notifications on contests where entry limit has been reached

Suggestion: automatic disabling of emailed CH comment notifications on contests where we’ve already submitted our number of allowed entries. Kind of a slap in the face to keep getting emails with CHs telling us what they like and want only to click the link and find that I’m cut off… :confused: Just a thought.

Or… maybe include a notification setting where we can toggle on or off the choice to automatically disable comment notifications once our entry limit is reached.

Thanks @SquadhelpAdmin for your consideration.

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you can delete any red faces and add more entries

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Thanks, Jose… Not sure why I didn’t realize that. Maybe I was petrified by the red faces :rage: Ha!

the bright red faces are scary and depressing You can have a slew of green faces, but the red ones will be the only ones you’ll really see. I vote soft pink for “Nah” faces :wink:

Not sure why this affects everyone so poorly, I personally don’t care if someone did not like a name I subbed that just means they are terrible at choosing a good name))))
Parable: A little boy goes out to the ball field with his bat and ball. He then would say" I am the greatest hitter in the world", He would toss the ball up and swing with all his might only to miss , He did this over and over never once hitting the ball, On his way home he said out loud " I’m the greatest Pitcher in the world"!
It’s all how you look at it!!!


Any colour - so long as it’s black.

  • Henry Ford

I think flexibility in notification settings is a good thing. I see nothing wrong with a contestant choosing to be notified of something for one month, but completely switching it off for the next, and back on again some time later. There are many reasons to do so, some of them personal and private.

@Front, Wasn’t the quote attributed to Coco Chanel ? :wink:

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Thanks Annie. I was thinking that it would carry over by default if no image was uploaded. Thanks again.