Suggestion: Print Brief Option?

I was wondering, if for the future, you guys would consider adding the ability to ‘print’ the brief ie. separate window with no graphics ect. Recipe websites offer that option. I usually, copy/paste the brief into Word, then print off, a pain really. It’s easier to take the pages with you during the day, work on names away from the computer, ect…


@laurae, this is a good idea. We will add this to our roadmap. Since they are several other changes in the pipeline, it may take some time to have this in place.

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Thanks @Dan I appreciate you guys very much!

Hi @Dan,

I just wanted to revisit this topic of the Brief Print Out idea. Would this still be on the plate for consideration?

Sorry @LauraE, this has taken too much time. It is still on our list, and we will try to get this added soon.