Suggestion for discarded names- Contestant Notepad

Would it be possible for Squadhelp to create an option, post-contest, whereby names that are not chosen can be saved to a “contestant notepad” to reference for future contests? There are a few names that I’ve submitted that i feel are “gems”, but the CH was not interested. I would think that we could possibly use our points to star these post-contest much like we do for our selected top names. We could then reference the notepad and possibly ‘cut and paste’ or ‘drop in’ another contest. I know some old names auto-populate but I feel there is a delay and I cannot possibly remember all of the names I’ve submitted, even the “gems”. Thanks for your consideration.

@ricojsuave Check out the “my entries” link in the drop down box accessed when you click “Hi, ricojsuave” at the top of your screen next to your profile pic. (Contest side…not here in the forum)

This will open a new page of the last 200 entries you’ve submitted. clicking the heart associated with a particular entry will save it as one of your favorites.

At the top of this “my entries” page you’ll find various search filters including one to sort the entries by your personally selected favorites.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is also an option in the same place @Chastity2ku mentioned to access all your entries for the past 3, 4, 6, 12 months that you can open & download as a spreadsheet.

Thank you both! :smile: