Suggestion about Name "Types"

HI Everyone-

I’m fairly new here, so please be bear with me on my questions and such as I get use to this site.

This is my suggestion: Is there a way to add to the brief a field where the CH can add or clarigy what kind of name, the tone and direction of name they want? I.e., if they want a lighthearted or serious/professional or techie one. On some of the contests, the CHs were either vague or didn’t address it until, like me, submitted numerous names in one vein, only to find out latter, that the CH wanted the exact opposite. I think that would help clarify and save time before we start to work on names. Well, at least for me it will. :smile:

PS- Excuse my shoddy grammar


it would help but some chs seem like they dont actually want us to help- they make it more difficult for whatever reason

and yes I do get that some dont know what they want until they see it - but i would think they know if they want humour or a serious name from the start


@LauraE, thanks for the suggestion. It is a good idea, and we will plan to incorporate this into the brief.


Good suggestion @LauraE.

How about using the sliders like in logo contests? But for words rather than graphics. We contestants could help suggest characteristics better suited to naming.

I think it works better if the CH described him/herself or the business, and in simpler words. We shouldn’t ask them to describe the name when they haven’t been able to figure that part out.

Let CHs choose what they’d like to describe:

  1. I’m the founder and i am …
  2. We want our brand to be …
  3. Our customers are …
  4. Etc.
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