Suggesting not registered names in contests

Hi all!

I was wondering — do you suggest unregistered names to contests, or you register them before you offer them to Contest Holders? What is the best practice based on your experience on SquadHelp?

Also I noticed that there is an option to submit such names for Premium approval even after you have entered a contest with the name, and the contest is still active.

I am asking because I suggested a name (I find it to be a good name) to a contest, but then I submitted the name for premium. Am I allowed to do it? And what happens if the CH likes the name, but meanwhile the name has been listed on the Premium marketplace?

I will be grateful if you can share your thoughts. Thanks.

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That sounds like a big no no to me
If you entered an unregistered name to the contest, you should never then go and register it while the contest is still ongoing.
You can register it and submit to the marketplace for approval. Then if the Contest holder is open to premium domains…then you can enter it.
I would hit blue button and talk with SHadmin so you don’t violate policy.

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Thanks, I will do just that. Honestly I did it out of curiousity only. I am like a cat - if I see a button I have the irresistible impulse to push it. They should not add such buttons on contest entries. I am talking about the “Sell in Marketplace” button that appears on top of entries. I haven’t registered the name, I only submitted it for premium. It’s still in pending status. :smiley:


I get it. I have two cats :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: They get into everything


I withdrew the entry (CH hadn’t seen it yet) and canceled the premium review. Then I went and registered the name, and then submitted to the contest again, but as premium. Sorry, but the name was too good for the award of $135 only. Even if they don’t go for it, I found promising leads, so I can try outbound.


Honestly I’ve found it waste to try to submit premium domains to the contests.

Those people often pay to find a good unregistered domain for the brand of the new company, product, or service.


Yes, exactly! Thanks! From 18 contests I participated in so far, I started having the same feeling. Premium names either automatically receive red faces, or are simply ignored. And I feel that the reason is not the quality of the submissions, but the fact that CH’s don’t really want to spend money on their new names. And it makes sense when you think about it and look at the award amounts. How can we expect for somebody to spend $$$$ for a name when they can have something similar almost for free ($100-$200)? They simply want great ideas with the quality of Facebook or Amazon for no money. And in most cases we are talking about big companies where such amounts are like pocket money for them. I can also judge based on something else - contest holders’ activity. They rarely reply to messages, they don’t bother to rate entries, and quite often they don’t even visit their contests for days. I feel that most of them do not really take these contests too seriously to be honest.

Well I am a domainer, not one of their employees, and domaining is not a hobby for me that I do in my spare time. And honestly I don’t see much point in coming up with really good ideas for names with matching available domains for the eventual chance of getting $100-200. I just don’t think that $100-$200 should be the price for a brandable name - these are prices for SEO domains you sell to plumbers.

From now on I think I shall only take part in contests for taglines, but no naming contests. I don’t mind coming up with good slogans for $100-$200 - that’s okay - but inventing the next Amazon or Google name for such money, no thanks! I value my time and work a bit more.


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You shouldn’t be so categorical, Anton, contests are needed so as not to lose qualifications. I take part in all contests. If they are not guaranteed, I only offer premium domains.
In addition, many CHs does not require exact com domains. Therefore, you can offer two domains at once - one with an preffix or suffixes, for example, Go ****, Get ****, and your own premium or standart domain ***. com at the same time. If the client likes the name, he will first register the first entry (in this case, you will receive only the prize of the contest) and when his company is promoted, he will come and buy your exact domain com.

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What does this mean?

That I reported 16 names that I submitted and that were registered. Anual average is 140 for me, this year 27 so far. That’s normal, 100s of thousands of names get registered


Registered by Contest Holders? Or registered in general by third parties? I lost you on this to be fair.

The Russians have a proverb Not caught - not a thief. According to the SH rules, we can talk about registering domains only by third parties

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So you agree that in theory it is possible that Contest Holders can register a name suggested in a contest, while avoiding to award the submission?


In theory, we can die in a minute. I repeat once again that on the forum we do not write anything bad about CHs,it is prohibited by SH rules. Even hypothetically.

I am not talking about specific contests or specific Contest Holders. I am asking a principle question that has more to do with SquadHelp than with contest holders. I don’t think I am in violation of any rules here.

In relation to one of your previous replies - I don’t think that participating in contests is a must-do. I spend lots of time in researching other sellers portfolios and I noticed that lots of them focus on selling names and they don’t participate in contests. And they stll have high ratings -probably because of their sales.

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You will never have high ratings if you do not take part in contests. Many of us have been working at SH for many years, many first earned a rating for themselves, and only then began to register domains, protecting them from registration of third parties. Unfortunately, selling many domains will not earn you percentile growth, which is why I called you to participate in contests.


I suggest you go on your marketplace dashboard and start looking at leaderboard stats and checking sellers profiles. One example: Next Venture - contests participated: 9; contests won:1; awarded: $200; domains sold: 104; sold value: $270,920; SH rating: 81% Somehow I can’t see how this seller is losing from not participating in contests. And I can see how they don’t have any interest in participating in contests. And still - high rating of 81%.

Selling names and participating in contests are two different streams of income. Some focus on selling, other focus on contests. I noticed that sellers with high number/value of sales rarely take part in contests and sellers who focus on contests have fewer premium sales/lower value of sales. I find participating in contests to be low paid hard work in comparisson to selling names.My personal opinion just.

I saw a few examples where sellers ballance between the two, but that’s rare and most stick to one of them only.

Anyway we went too much off topic.


We are completely in the subject. Information on contests is taken for the last 6 months. This creative used to participate a lot more in contests before becoming a domainer. I bet that if you only sell domains, your percentile will be catastrophically low. Even the domainer you specified knows about this and sometimes takes part in contests. We asked the SH team several times to reward for each sale of the domain with a small increase in the percentile, but we were refused. You are free to do what you want and how you want. I’m just giving you some friendly advice that you shouldn’t ignore the contests if you want to do additional advertising for your personal domains.

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I am taking part in contests. I have been assigned 19 so far, as I am new, and I took part in all of them. I just don’t give 100% of me with my entries, if that makes sense.