Submit your unregistered domains in bulk, WAIT FOREVER, And then get them rejected in bulk

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So, In case you don’t know, SH now is taking forever to review your unregistered domain submissions even if you are using coins.

As the Expert Review Selection feature is in effect, This should give plenty of time for SH to handle the unregistered domain submissions and give them a fair review process in a timely manner, But unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case.

I have submissions from July 6 and as of now they are still hanging on “Pending Review”, Apart from that, I noticed that when you submit your names in bulk you also get them rejected in bulk, I was watching my Dashboard with 112 Pending Review submissions, And then i went out for a ciggy and a short walk, A matter of minutes and i cameback to find out my 112 Pending review submissions are now 83, Without approving a single name, How was that processed in a flash i don’t really know. Still, I can’t judge that until the rest of names are reviewed, But i do believe that submitting names in bulk affects your overall approval rate badly.

Probably you’d say the names are not good in terms of quality, I’d say that i didn’t start my ride on this industry today, I know what makes a good name and if i submit a list of 100 unregistered domains then i potentially went though thousands, Also my approval rate used to be well over %15 and nearly made it to the %20 not so long ago.

With regards to the unregistered domains, Even if you have the potential to quickly grow your portfolio, Or set a target number of names to achieve in a timely manner, I’m afraid you wouldn’t get that because SH will block you.

Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

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I second that.
My unregistered domain submissions are also delayed. 11 of them were pending since July 03, and yesterday ALL of them got rejected. Also, they don’t reject domains right away, because then we can’t submit more, and they want to limit submissions. And if I submit 15, half of them get rejected right then, and other half is left pending for a week only to be rejected later. I guess this may be the ‘new normal’.

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Unfortunately, I don’t know how exactly the domains are reviewed by the team, and how many people are involved in this process. Who exactly has the final word and so on. However, I understand how busy the team is today by considering a huge number of applications for the market. But, in addition to this mission, they are entrusted with the execution of a huge number of other tasks. Therefore, I’m not in a complaint and just waiting for the next “yes” or “no” from them. I am also very sorry for many of my rejected ideas, especially when I see that shortly after the team rejected these domains were registered. Nevertheless, I have my own “creative cuisine”, and I have something to do, and as for the market, in any case I rely on professionals from the team.


Professional is a title for someone who does a professional job, As of now i’m not seeing any of that.