Submission Tab "View Contest Brief" suggestion

It would be very helpful for the brief section entitled “Key Selling Highlights” to show when choosing to “expand” the contest brief while working on the submission page. With my limited recall ability, I like to pull up the brief sometimes when I am submitting ideas, and the key selling points are often just the information I am looking for. Best regards…

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it is possible now to show the brief while you are submitting- press view contest brief on the right in the submission area

I just tried again. The “view contest brief +” is on the upper left of my screen. When it does expand the “Key Selling Highlights” section of the brief is left out?

oops yes left - I have trouble with left and right- it is slightly different, I think it sometimes misses off the liked and disliked names

@Jose, does the “Key Selling Highlights” section load for you when you expand the brief while in the submission tab?

I dont think I have that key when im in the submission tab - maybe I have something set wrong

I have view contest brief/view comments/my entries

“Key Selling Highlights” is missing for me too.

I also noticed “About …” is a blank in the submission page.

Any thoughts on this SH? Thanks!

@CherryPopNames, we will fix this. Will share an update when this is resolved.