Submission of Premium domains

Hi guys

I am basically new here. So, learning the ropes step by step.

I have a query though, and would like some support with it.

If the CH states that Premium domains are allowed, or if he has marked “YES” for premium domain submission, do we have to submit our own domains that are approved as “Premium”

Do we have the option to submit other creatives premium domain. I have no issues coming up with my own names.

But at times, I do see a message stating “This is a premium domain you have entered”. If the CH chooses it you will receive the full contest award.

So, I need clarification on this

Thank you

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Okay so…

IF and only IF a contest says you can submit premium names to the contest, then you can submit normally – just names you come up with AND/OR you can submit PREMIUM names. This means you can submit your own premium names and others’ premium names. That little button on the submission page that says ‘find available premium names’ or something to that effect can be used to look for a premium name in the premium marketplace that you’re able to submit, or you can submit your own that have premium status. Note: ALL names are to be premium and only ON SquadHelp. What I mean by this is, a premium is not a .com or other url that has a buy page that you happened to come across anywhere else away from SH. It has to be a name that is premium and on SH. Sorry, even if a CH says they’re willing to buy names that may not be on SH and can be found elsewhere, that is where they would have to contact SH and have the contest management team come in on it to make an exception (which rarely happens). So stick to names that are available only in the SH premium marketplace, whether they be yours or belong to someone else.

IF you are not the owner of the name you submit, what happens is… If you are chosen as the winner, you will get the full contest award, even if it is not your name. The addition to this is only that the original owner of the name submitted and chosen stands a chance to get their commission rate if the CH decided to pursue the purchase of that domain name. So you’ll get contest award and hopefully, the creative that came up with and registered the name will get their commission when the name is bought. That is what that message means that shows up. It’s there just to assure you that even though you’re submitting an idea that is not one that you own, you’ll still get the contest prize.

Hope this helps!


I’m quite new here and if I am wrong someone please correct me. From this help article I’ve viewed, you can submit other creatives names.


Yes you sure can. I love it and am very gratefull to all the creatives that enter my names in contests.


Great explanation @rareworthy. My post was awaiting moderation, so it showed after yours. I understand more now. Much appreciated.


I have submitted both. I have submitted mine if I have one that fits or another creatives if I can find one that fits. I like to promote the premium domains of others, so that in return mine will be promoted by others (in a “we get by giving” manner.) Hope that helps!


Thank you all for your valuable feedbacks

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