Submission of Non Registered Domains to Marketplace

We are pleased to announce a new feature where creatives can submit unregistered domains to the marketplace even if they were previously not entered in contests.

From your marketplace dashboard page, you can now click on “Submit an Unregistered Domain” to submit these names. Please note that the same rules apply to these names as if you were submitting them from “My Entries” page. For example, if a name has previously won, you are unable to submit it via this method. In addition, if you have any overall limits on the number of names you can submit at a time, the same limits apply while using this method.

We believe this feature will give creatives much more flexibility in submitting fresh names that were previously not submitted in SH contests.


I am wicked excited about this one! Thank you SH!!!


Great move, SH! Thanks.


Wondering if entries exclude previously submitted names that were rejected even tho they were favored in a contest?


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:Oh no @rareworthy!!


So let me see if I understand this, if I have received a love it rating in the past, but it hasn’t won and I don’t own it, I can offer this on marketplace as an unregistered name and SH will register it?

I’ve tried to do this with one, but can’t find the classify & sell. Am I doing it wrong? Sorry I’m new to this. Thank you

@Fil if you go to your “MY Entries” page you will see your entries. Under the entry you submitted and under the actual .com listed it say “Sell in Marketplace”. You have to click on that and a pop up box will come up. You fill that out and wait to see if they will approve the entry first.