Submission dashboard

@Dan…I see the submission dashboard has been changed to reflect the new 4 categories instead of 5…and it also shows the pending contests with your open contest ratings.

While that makes it quicker to see if any of your ratings have changed in closed contests…is there any way to filter if you only want to see the ratings on open contests please?


Thank you…this is perfect and will work great!

All ratings in open and pending is just what I was looking for, easy to track, easy to see at a glance. A fast link to best entries coming up too!
…and Holly, it’s simple…the newer contests are near the top.

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I do like how the nahs are separated from the positive scores though,as it makes it much easier to weed them out.

I also like to see the scores for the closed contests, only sometimes, I want to just see the ones I can still work on, and without a line or something else that indicates what is open and not…it is hard to remember which ones are open and closed just by looking at the page. :0)