Subcategories Issues

First of I hate the addition of subcategories it made things more complex and less efficient.

Second there is a major bug about subcategories: when you select a sub-category it is not saved and automatically changes to main category!! for example if you pick “adventure” subcategory and then save it will change to “Outdoor and adventure”

Another thing that bothers me is that the subcategories are not visible in the search left panel, and thus these sub-categories are useless because users do not have access to them while searching.

I suggest removing these subcategories!


I don’t like them either. It’s too much.


It would be nice to be allowed 3 categories PLUS 3 subcategories.


@grant subcategories are still not working, when you add them to a domain they just disappear after saving… I asked about this several time but got no answer… are these subcategories final? if yes then when you are going to fix them? Also please consider removing them because I don’t think anyone liked these subcategories, it will be much better if you just remove them…

Subcategories are still not setable! When you chose sub-category it is not saved! They are just listed without any use and making it difficult to chose the main categories where you need to do long scrolling because of all these subcategories.

@grant will you ever comment on this? This is 4th time I ask. Subcategories are not working you either remove them or fix them… but dont keep them like this.

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@Deepblue Sorry about the delay in responding to this issue.

The subcategory assignment issue has been resolved. We intend to keep the subcategories because we plan to add additional pages and filters in our Marketplace that will allow buyers to also discover names based upon specific subcategories in future.

If we are keeping the subcategories, could you consider allowing each name to have one primary category, three other main categories, and three of these new narrow subcategories? I would be fine with adding these subcategories if it didn’t mean deleting the classifications I have already selected.


If subcategories will stay then please make the domain listed under both main category and its subcategory.

For example if I pick “bakery” then my domain must also be listed under “food & drink”, and should be found under both when browsing.

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