Styles and Types with Name Submissions


@Grant…Thanks for taking away the required comments. Now is there a way to
take away the dropdowns from the “my entries” page. They didn’t used to
show up there, but since you made the change, they show up under every
entry listed and it is very bulky on the page now. Can you un-do
whatever you did and make the my entry page go back to the way it was
before this happened?


@lightness This is available in your My Entries tab. Thanks.


@auntshommy thanks for your feedback regarding the total points on entry submission form. It is noted.


I’m really missing this feature! When you are submitting entries and see by the total points you got a like or love it, you know what direction to go in. Otherwise you have to keep checking your activity feed. Please add this feature back!


@Grant, I don’t mean to be nit-picky but I see a potential problem with the comment section removed to where it is now, and now just ‘withdraw’ and ‘best entry’ listed together under that drop down menu. What I mean to say that some, (like me), would go to withdraw a rejected name, only to hit the best entry option by accident. In fact, I wonder why SH should keep the best entry option, since a lot of times, your best entry may not be what the CH wants and gets rejected or a yellow face, then you’ve wasted 50 points. A lot of us don’t even use it anyway, and I think newbies would benefit because in the beginning I bet they are using it a lot and losing points and never garnering much.

Edit: I have been told by some of the creatives they indeed use the best entry option so…So just disregard what I said about it…