Strange thing...# of contests entered


I just noticed that my number of contests entered on my profile doesn’t match the number of contests I have entered so far today. It says 2, when I entered 8. Being the first of the month it is noticeable. Anyone else? I “thought” it usually updated immediately?


Entered 4, and it says 3…


It’s like there’s a delay because mine is increasing but still not the same as the number of entries. I never noticed this happening before.


It will count as entry for February if the contest was posted February? But if it was still posted January it will show on January?


Right… and I’m talking about just today/February. Time difference shouldn’t be a factor for me, either.


I think there are some glitches lately like I won a split but didn’t give me the 100 points and also when I entered a domain name in a contest it would say available and then after you entered it says not available. So I have to explain to CH that the domain name is available after I checked with godaddy… I think one creative said about this in another thread.


I’m guessing it is some sort of delay. I won a contest a few months ago on the last day of the month (I’m 6 hours ahead of you) so it would have been something like 2.00pm USA time that I won and it wasn’t added onto the leaderboard that month - leaderboard said 4 wins, when I actually had 5.

My profile says I’ve entered 6 contests in February, when I’ve actually entered 15 contests today.


So today it says I entered 8 yesterday but I actually entered 13. I thought by today it would catch up.


Hi All - Some of your stats are calculated on nightly basis, while others are done on weekly or monthly basis - therefore, your counts may not always be real time.