Still Having Problems with the Discussion Board


The other day, I was having problems posting a message to the discussion board, then it seem to clear up. Now, it looks like the function to message is no longer there for me. Did I do something wrong, or is it a tech hiccup?

My browser is Yandex, it’s a Russian company, so it’s possible you might see a Russian IP address, and that might freak out your tech team :wink:

I had the same thing happen. I could post for a day, and now not. My only thought is Dan said he would restore the site to its original features e.g endless submissions, and I believe he said change it back on Tuesday the 24th, so that people had time before changes were implemented. So I assume that on Tuesday we will once again be able to join ‘discussion’ :slight_smile:

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Thanks @SMJ110, I thought I was hallucinating after my mind being blown from the Juice contest. Thanks for putting me right :blush:


I still don’t have message access to the contest discussion board. I had it the day you announced the policy change where you no longer needed to win a contest in order to post, but then it disappear. I have over 500 pts. Did I do something wrong or is there still a glitch?

@LauraE, we are working on adding this feature back. We will have it in place later today.

Thank you @Dan I appreciate all that you and your team do!

Thanks @LauraE! You should be able to add comments now.