How many shortlists in contests til you win one?

How many times SH domains shortlisted before selling?

Do you/have you ever sold non SH domains (basic plus)?

Getting antsy here…


The first 2 questions are not answerable, sorry. There’s no stat formula for those things.
I’ve sold several basic plus names. Some of them are more popular than my premium names and up until recently, they were nearly half of my sold names. I’ve also won contests with basic names.


They are answerable, anecdotally - which isn’t to say meaningfully! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for your answers on the other questions!

  1. Infinity + 1
  2. Infinity x 2 + 1
  3. No.
  4. Try baby powder


1: For every 20 contests I am shortlisted in, I usually win at least one. But no guarantee.
2: I have marketplace names that have been shortlisted well over a hundred times, with no sale. Conversely, I have sold one with practically no shortlists.
3: No
It is not a quick money enterprise. Patience is a major part of the platform.